Tuesday, August 21, 2012

facebook updates that never came to be

last week, my little sister sarah got married on a beach in florida. she was born when i was ten and i've always thought of her as my little baby/toy/practice child/protege. seeing her get married was happy and exciting for me.

the day after the wedding, 26 of us from the wedding group of family and friends all piled onto a cruise ship and headed to key west, florida and cozumel, mexico for four days.

since i don't have internet on my phone and we were in the ocean or in a foreign country for several days, i had no way of getting online. i kept thinking of things that would have made good status updates, but i couldn't post them, so i decided to do a blog post where i share my great vacation through the updates that never came to be.

if we've got to do an 11 hr drive, this is the way to go about it. and why would anyone want the non-drowsy version of dramamine during a car ride? bring on the sleepies!

the hotel and beach are beautiful and will be perfect for the wedding tonight!

you know you've arrived at the beach when you've got a butt full of rocks and sand. let vacation begin!

how did i get selected to be in charge of the flowers for the wedding? so not my thing, but with my mom and sister-in-law's help, we managed to come up with some pretty things. those boutonnieres were tricky little wastards.

sarah made a beautiful bride and rich is a lucky man.

hmm, do you think she's a paid lady of the night or just some chick doing the walk of shame at the bus stop?

boarding the ship! this is all very exciting, even if brooke is starting to come apart at the seams a bit with all the crowds and chaos and line-standing.

this room is soo tiny and windowless for the three of us. anyone else feeling claustrophobic yet?

omg, we just had to wait for 45 min through the safety briefing at our muster station. no air conditioning, hundreds of people packed into one tiny, airless space, excessively loud speaker overhead, and a child who was letting her autism show.

thank God for this tiny, windowless room where we can take brooke. it's like a cocoon where she can burrow down in and get herself restarted as often as she gets overloaded. the towel animals help too.

cruises must be really great if you're traveling with no kids and lots of money.

"i thought cruises were supposed to be fun," noah, age 8.

"i had 5 ice creams, cheesecake and lucky charms for breakfast. and orange soda and chocolate milk. can i have a pizza now?" sure, kid, go get yourself a pizza. maybe this cruise is looking up for the kids after all.

we just dropped the kids off at a nightclub on the ship for a kids only dance. they say they're just going for the free soda. looks like we finally get some adult time!

while trying to decide where to go on our free evening, we were spying on brooke through the club window. we saw her walk to the door and saw a child care employee let her right out into the hallway alone, beside the casino that was filled with hundreds of adults, many of whom were drunk. holy crap, i think i'm going to puke.

after a few choice words with the kids staff, we let brooke go back in after using the restroom. but then we sat directly outside the door and didn't move until it was time to retrieve her. so much for a parents only night of fun.

if you accidentally use a family member's toothbrush, are you obligated to tell them about it or can you just let it be your own little secret?

is that really the ocean we're in or did we enter neverland and we're sailing in a sea of blue gatorade?

no matter how huge this ship seems, it's very insignificant compared to the ocean. God makes some massive stuff.

we got off the boat in cozumel and we're in a back alley with some mexican guys in hopes that they'll give us a great deal on snorkeling. fingers crossed that we don't get sold into human slavery.

no slavery, just fun. other than the multiple stings by jellyfish, my first time snorkeling was really fantastic!

how many times can i apply sunblock in one day before my skin starts boycotting it?

you know how sometimes you'll see a toilet brush hanging from the bottom of a gas station bathroom sink? well i just saw a sink that had salad tongs hanging from the bottom instead. i wish i'd had my camera handy!

you know you're home from vacation when you've got three suitcases filled with wet, nasty laundry, you're cleaning up cat puke off the rug and all you can think about is how happy you are that you're going to be able to use your own toilet again.

and with that, my friends, i bid you farewell. the laundry is calling my name and i've got to get back to the salad diet and say goodbye to the potatoes and cheese.


  1. I love all of these Sherry, especially the one about you guys getting ready to board the cruise, I've felt like Brooke before, a bit overwhelmed and frustrated at how long it would take for things to move or whatever. Great photos too, it's so cool to hear that you got to see your sister getting married to a wonderful man and then embarked on this awesome cruise together!

  2. You look sell-into-slavery worthy.

  3. looks gorgeous.... and I'm super jealous!

  4. It looks like you had a great time vacationing with your family. And it looks like a delightful spot go after a destination wedding. About that toothbrush question: NEVER TELL! No good will come from doing so. Trust me.

    1. thanks for the advice. i haven't told yet.

  5. oh my...LOOK how FANTASTIC YOU LOOK !!!!
    What a fun time that must have been (aside from the few "stressful moments')
    I have never been on a cruise.
    You looked gorgeous in your black dress.

  6. Dude, it all looked gorgeous. Even your diet salad looks delish. And lets just say congrats to your sister who not only got married, but was kind enough to choose a gorgeous bridesmaid dress for you. (Oh yeah, I'm sure her dress was lovely too.) But you my dear look ravashing. Even though spell check is telling me I spelled it wrong, you know what I'm saying....

    1. thank you. she was very kind in the bridesmaid dress department. she actually let us pick our own and just picked matching jewelry for us.

  7. This looked fantastic!
    Despite being in the Navy forever, I'd love to go on a cruise.
    But, all I did this summer was go to Rhode Island where I almost set the campground on fire.

    1. go on a cruise already! i'm sure the mrs would be happy if you sprung that surprise on her. you might even get lucky in a tiny windowless room.

  8. great 'updates'...too bad you weren't on line. Your photos are great, too. Looks like it was a pretty good time!

  9. thanks for the vacation through updates, Sherilinnie. That's quite brutal about the people who were supposed to be watching the kids. Honestly.

    1. it was all i could do not to yell and cause a scene and not let brooke go back in, but i wanted to allow her to have a good time (which she didn't anyway) and not cause more drama than necessary. plus, it wasn't the child care employee's policy that allows children over the age of 9 to sign themselves in and out of activities as they see fit. insane if you ask me!

  10. Was that last picture your salad? Yummy! The pictures were great, loved getting a sneak peak into your vacay and your sister's wedding. And yes, the boutonnieres (spelling?) were really lovely! You all looked terrific, and yes, it's nice to leave, but it's so nice to come home!

  11. Sounds amazing! I've never been on a cruise. And I'm not sure I'd get married on the beach - that sand-ass problem you mentioned. Congratulations to your sister!

  12. Congrats to your sister! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding followed by a fun cruise! Great family photos! I loved your lines about the toothbrush , and missing your own bathroom! Julie

  13. sorry about the comment on the wrong site! I will delete it. My comment still stands!


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