Sunday, November 6, 2011

toga time

i've always liked the look of togas. they seem to scream "easy to wear" and "eat lots of food while still looking simply sexy." i kind of wish that i lived in the time when they were appropriate and would be fashion forward, rather than looking like i was going to a frat party.

i was just googling togas to see what the current options are and i've got to say, there are plenty of choices out there. there's the short, hootchie toga. it looks good on her, but i'm thinking the length might cause me some problems at this time in my life. i like to have some fabric under my bum when i sit down. and if i bent forward, you'd be able to see what i had for lunch.

there's the classic, conservative toga with the lovely hair and snake headband to go with it.

we have the plus sized couples option which looks like a lot of fun. there would definitely need to be an event to make these special outfits really shine. maybe chris and i can get and wear them to the next baby christening we're invited to attend.

unfortunately, i'm afraid that my dreams of lounging comfortably in my toga wouldn't turn out quite the way i'd planned. more than likely, i'd have a wardrobe malfunction and the next thing you know...


  1. Silly me.
    I didn't even realize you could buy togas.
    I just thought you grabbed a sheet and wrapped it decoratively around you.

  2. Togas rock.. for those of us with an ample rack, I can say we would have been VERY popular back then. They liked em busty!

  3. You're right, togas are awesome. I never realised how cool they were before. The one in the first photo definitely seems like my kind of toga!

  4. The great thing about a toga is not only do you wear it, but you can sleep in it, too!

  5. I like togas too, but real comfort comes in the form of the mumu.

  6. HEY! I HAVE THAT PICASSO PAINTING HANGING BESIDE MY BED! (In greeting card size) Hooray! Let's pretend that's US, Sherilinnie--running and laughing, best of friends, hooters flying happily in the breeze...

    Ah, that was nice.

    Togas. You are a total nut. I think you should go for the first one, but you're right about needing to sit on fabric--ever do the stand and RRRRIP if you were wearing too short shorts?

  7. kar, i think it's hilarious that you have that picture! it's totally us!
    and yes, i've had that skin rip happen while wearing short shorts, but also when wearing skirts that barely covered my rear. that's how i know i don't like it. and when wearing a thong, it's really bad news. and might i add ~ ew!

  8. don't have to wear skivvies.

  9. But, when wearing a thong, wouldn't it act like a violin string? Like a farting symphony...? If that's what skin ripping means. If not, that's what it means to me.

  10. nope, no musical action from thongs, not even when farting.
    but i like the idea that togas are perfect enough that they serve as day or night time attire. and you can go commando if you choose. no one need ever know.

  11. oh no...thong rip...sounds like OW and rhymes with FABIA...

    wait, now I'VE crossed the line. Look what we do to each other.

  12. Here's $10!

    Go out and buy yourself a 'wardrobe' malfunction!

    I like 'wardrobe' malfunctions!

    What? What'd I say now?

  13. :-) Togas are wonderfully forgiving. One size fits all!


  14. You wouldn't have that malfunction if you could manage to keep your bra on for more than 5 minutes!

  15. laughingmom, that made me laugh out loud! it's funny because it's true.


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