Friday, October 12, 2012

photo collage of awkwardness

you know how sometimes a photographer will do a collage of photos of a baby or little kid where they focus on individual body parts rather than the whole? those are so cute. the sweet little toes. the darling round cheeks.

brooke likes to take photos like that too; but they're not of sweet, plump babies, they're of me. she likes to stare at me, or more accurately, pieces of me. her eyebrows furrow as she stares intently at some portion of my body, and when i ask her what she's looking at, she runs for the camera to photograph exactly what she's looking at so i too can see why it's so interesting.

here are some of those photos.

let's start at the bottom and work our way up, shall we?














i'm lovely, aren't i?

in case you're wondering just what parts of me were chosen for inspection and photography, in case you couldn't tell, they are as follows.

1. the top of my toes.
2. the sole of my foot.
3. the back of my calf.
4. my hip.
5. my hip while doing a side crunch. it looks sort of like bread rolls at subway.
6. obviously my stretch marks on my hip. 
7. my sewer rat peeking at her over the edge of my pants.
8. lower case "i" in the middle of my stomach. clearly there's an infatuation with my stretch marks. she keeps telling me that she wants to chew on my skin now that i've lost weight and it's looser than before. awkward.
9. my collarbone.
10. the side of my neck and chin.
11. smile line beside my nose and above my lip.
12. furrowed brows.
13. the side of my eye when squinting.
14. my forehead while making a shocked face.

here is a picture she drew of me today. it's really the icing on the cake.

i decided to return the favor a bit and take some lovely shots of her, but this post is already too long, so i think i'll save those for next time.


  1. I have to admit I had no clue what some of the photos were off until you described it to us Sherry, how cute haha! I loved this post, the drawing is great too!

  2. Love that portrait of you. With a neck like that you should be in the NFL. Ha!

  3. Wow....several of those had me totally baffled!

  4. That is amazing--the way she sees things, the incredible detail, the MINUTIAE. She turned you into art is what she did, even if you see it as breaking down into small sums of things you might not perceive as beautiful.

    I'll tell you this though sister: you and I are in the stretchmark club together! High five!

    1. you know, karen, i like you all the time, but sometimes i really love you. today is one of those days. it's like you see straight into my soul.
      i posted this because i like how brooke sees the world, even it shows me in a somewhat unfavorable light. you saw the art instead of just the lumps and and stretchmarks.
      i'm going to have to do another post, because from the reaction i got on fb, this post was possibly misunderstood. or just plain disgusting.

    2. what I'm disgusted about are the "wow, you're brave!" reactions. It's not a post about you saying; 'look at my ugly bits!' It's a post about how Brooke sees things in vast detail--AMAZING detail really. And we can draw a parallel to how we, as women, see ourselves, because aren't we always scrutinizing ourselves in minute detail?

      It shows me how fascinating we are, and how so many angles can come together and form a complete, beautiful person.

    3. i love seeing things in a new way that i haven't seen them before. even if it means i see my own wrinkles from a new angle. thanks for saying that stuff here and on fb.

  5. omg! I thought #13 was your nipple!

    1. lol! no way, jose! my daughter said it looks like a cat butt.

  6. I love that you posted this! Interesting to me that she is so attracted to the details. It is really cool that she can have a photo to help her explain what has caught her attention. I wonder if you could use this type of collage for some of her school work.

    1. it would be interesting to create an entire human out of little pictures like this, wouldn't it?

  7. Okay, you gotta give it to her- that portrait is hilarious. I think its pretty neat that she notices all the little details. I am not someone who notices little things (and sometimes the big things...) at all!

  8. Wow! What an original post.

    I'm still struggling a bit with 12 - I was beginning to think you'd incorporated some male bits and pieces into the montage!

  9. What is wrong with those pictures? The part of childhood that should stick with us is finding the awesome in everything. Too many people forget how to do that.


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