Saturday, July 16, 2011

cat crazy

our house is filled with kitty drama. actually, ever since that dang stray showed up last april i've had far more cat shenanigans than i ever planned or really wanted. the stray had a litter of 4 in brooke's playhouse last may and of course we eventually had to let brooke bring one inside to keep for her very own. that fluffy grey ball of cuteness is nim. or as we often refer to her, nimcompoop.

nim has been a trouble maker ever since she came into our house. she harasses our older cat, sophie to no end and now that we've moved, she has a new cat buddy to pester. meet mooch. he belongs to my in-laws and is a very good natured, even keel kind of guy. he used to be a fighter back when he was younger, but he seems to have retired in his old age and now he lives for tuna and naps.

from their very first meeting back 5 weeks ago, nim has been in mooch's face, chasing him and annoying him to no end. he usually just runs away from her and cowers, but this week i've seen the tables turn. you've got to understand ~ mooch weighs 21 pounds and nim weighs 7, but she has clearly been the bully in this scenario. i've been wishing that mooch would give rotten lil nim the beatin' of the week and show her that this was his house first & he is not to be trifled with.

finally it seems like moochy is coming out of retirement and he's been putting her in her place with a speed slap here and a chase there. and now that he's been fighting back rather than running off, i've seen them start to hang out and play together. i wonder if he'll lose some weight now that he's got a sneaky nimburger chasing around with him all the time. maybe i should hire someone to chase me around in the hopes of reducing my waistline.

there's no snuggling amongst our three kitties, but they are learning to share space and co-habitate peaceably most of the time now.

sophie tries to stay out of the fray & naps upstairs in the window seat on a giant pillow. yes, she looks just like mooch, only about half his size.

nim rips and romps around the house, looking for fun in all the wrong places.

and mooch sits by the door, begging to go out.


  1. Living for that's the spirit.

  2. Sounds like they provide lots of entertainment!

  3. I love cats! This is adorable! I like the laundry room pic. I just blogged about my cat Tuxedo the other day. He may or may not have accidentally maimed Hubby.

  4. Nim's soooo adorable! They're all adorable. Sometimes all an old cat needs is a kitten to perk him up again.

  5. it's always some tiny little thing that rules the roost!!! hence me and my better half! LOL

  6. Cats are quite fun to watch. We have had some goings-on with the neighbors cat and ours. And now, our 'desexed' cat from the shelter is pregnant. Yay. Not.

  7. Cats really do need to learn to pick on somecat their own size.

  8. Great pic in the laundry room.

    Cats, endless hours of entertainment.

  9. That comment about hiring someone to chase you around cracked me up! They are so cute!


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