Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WWF - kitty style

my kitten looks very innocent. so sweet & delicate & fuzzy.
the 2 cats seem to be gazing lovingly at each other.

and if you didn't know better, you might think that she & sophie cat were locked in a loving embrace. but you'd be wrong...

 my foolish kitten might look cute, but she's really a violent stalker at heart.

she is constantly instigating fights w/ the big cat. they're usually both silent while biting & kicking each other, and there's no blood, so it must not be really painful, but it troubles me. it looks like baby nim is going to get her guts kicked out at any moment. i almost expect sophie to pull back a claw w/ intestines dangling during one of their wrestling matches. sometimes they go at it for almost an hr before they tire out & stop trying to kill each other.

and while i'm not a fan of violence, i have to admit that i do enjoy a good bloodless cat fight.


  1. My oldest cat HATES the younger one. The YO tries so hard to snuggle, etc. but it is not going to happen. When my two fight, the fur flies...

  2. oh the fur's flying around here too, but silently. no snuggling for sure. and btw, missy, how did you decide who won the giveaway? was it random?

  3. haha... mischevous little cutie.


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