Monday, October 3, 2011

the silly chair

when you're a kid and you have siblings close to your age, you find things to do to keep yourselves amused. you make up games and songs and stupid stuff to do when you're on long trips or when your toys get old or you're grounded at the same time.

my brother and i are only 17 months apart and we did a lot of that while we were growing up. he was kind of my hero when i was really little and there were also moments when he seemed like my nemesis. we got along better than most kids our age by the time we made it to high school & we shared a lot of the same friends.

at some point, a couple years after my family adopted our sisters, chris (my brother. and yes, also my husband's name) started playing a goofy little game with the little sisters. he'd pick them up and swing them around a little bit and call it the silly chair. it was called the silly chair because they were facing away from him and his hands were under their knees so that when they were scooped up in the air, they were sort of in an awkward sitting position. the little girls thought this was great fun & would beg for turns doing the silly chair. he'd swoop them around, making swooshing, flying sounds to make them giggle.

one day he decided to see if he could put me in the silly chair and swirl me around like the little kids. i was about 14 at the time & certainly not a little girl to be easily scooped or swung about. but he was pretty strong and he did manage to get me up in the air, though he swung me around less vigorously than he did the 3 year old.

he thought it was funny to do that every once in a while, probably because i yelled a lot, but couldn't really do anything to escape that wouldn't also hurt me in the process. so one day his girlfriend and my boyfriend were over at the house and he decided that it would be entertaining to scoop me up into a silly chair & give me a great shake around the room. i was screaming & flailing my arms. i couldn't really move my legs much other than some stupid little kicks which hurt me more than chris, so i just started laughing.

i drew a picture, in case you couldn't picture it.
take special note of his mullet and my perm.
our friends were watching and laughing which only encouraged him even more & served to embarrass me to no end. that made me laugh even harder, causing pressure on my bladder, which of course, ended with me wetting my pants. but chris didn't know i had wet my pants. i was incapable of coherent speech by that point and our friends were laughing hysterically and pointing at the spreading wet stain on my light gray stretch pants. chris thought they were thoroughly enjoying his great show of strength and comedy, not having any idea that whole thing had just gone to a whole new level of mortification for me.

eventually i got too heavy & squirmy for him so he plunked me down on the floor, from where i scrambled up like a scalded cat & hauled it out of the room as fast as my wet legs could carry me.

to this day, i can't see gray stretch pants or think of that boy without my face turning a little bit red & splotchy. and we never played silly chair again.


  1. oh my gosh!!!!!!!! that is horrible! so nasty embarassing. I feel bad for you, but in grade 10 my friend did that at school. laughed so hard she peed herself....a couple of years ago I found her on facebook and told her I remembered that.....she blocked the whole memory and had no idea!

    too bad you were not able to forget!

  2. Oh that so embarassing. Since I've had kids I pee my pants really fact I can no longer do jumping jacks because of it!

  3. I have only a faint recollection of that fateful day. Maybe because things like that happened on a fairly regular basis? Thanks for the laugh! -Chris

  4. Yeah, but if that happened now, I'll bet we wouldn't be nearly as embarrassed. That kind of stuff when you're a teenager is MORTIFYING. Silly chair indeed!

  5. Oh God, how funny, and how embarrassing! Sadly, after birthing 2 children naturally, this happens to me a little too often, silly chair or not. Okay, I know, TMI, but you started it.

    Anyway, I'm a new follower who found you through Al Penwasser. Come on over to see me sometime. I love comments from funny people like you!

  6. oh boy...I can so see/imagine that whole scene.
    I'd be laughing hysterically too.

  7. I just got a shipment of grey stretch pants at work today....when I put them out tomorrow, I'll think of you!

  8. Coulda been worse.
    Coulda been a fart.
    Followed by...oh, let's not go there.
    Nothing silly about that.
    Chair or otherwise.

  9. I'm really really sorry but that was hailarious and if I were there, I probably would have wet myself just watching the whole thing play out.

  10. This is a great post and your other's seem good too so I'm going to follow for more like this. The picture you drew is actually pretty cool too. I love mullets! Sure wish I could have a mullet at some points.

  11. be glad you didn't trust a fart... just sayin

  12. the second image is little pedo-strange

  13. i love how my brother pointed out that me wetting my pants was no isolated incident. i come from a long line of pants-wetters, it's my destiny.
    carrie, i hope you think of pee pants and the silly chair every time you see those stretch pants.
    al, you wrote me a poem again. i'm touched! and you're right, that would have been so much worse than a wee bit of piddle.
    and yeah, i get that the pic maybe looks... odd. but i thought people might need a visual to give the full effect of the silly chair peeing awkwardness.

  14. How embarrassing!!

    I'm with another commenter though, at least oyu didn't fart ;)

  15. Oh, you have the best stories! Lol!


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