Sunday, June 3, 2012


as every school year draws to a close, i picture something slow and easy and calm just ahead of me. i imagine sleeping late each morning. having brunch, reading books, lazing about endlessly on couches. it seems as though i'll have all the time in the world for catching up on all the things i love to do that i don't have time for during the school year.

yet somehow, every summer i'm surprised at how it doesn't happen quite like that. our first week of summer vacation was spent catching up on all the things i should have done in the previous months. like grooming the cats, thoroughly cleaning bathrooms, mending or altering the pile of things that were too big, missing buttons or whatever. i was running errands that had been neglected, such as finally getting my car registered in this state, since we've been here for a year now.

our second week was spent going to the pool as frequently as possible. i know, i know, that's not a task to be avoided, but a blessing to be cherished and i'm very happy to have the chance to go to the pool. but i thought i was going to spend my summer writing a book. and maybe i still will, but so far, the writing hasn't been happening very much.

instead, i've been taking care of life and people and cats. and going to parks, working on my tan. and discovering that i love yoga. that's pretty shocking to me because i never would have imagined that yoga was something i would ever want to embrace and yet, here i am, doing an hour every day and thoroughly enjoying it.

i hope your summer is going well (if you've already begun it). i hope it's more relaxing than mine, but if not, i hope you get a little tan and make some great memories and get to do some things you like that don't involve cooking, cleaning or laundry.
this is the mini-waterpark only 8 minutes from our house where we get to spend our days.

don't you just want to jump right in and start splashing?

her face makes my heart happy.

life is good, even if i'm not asleep on my couch.

what a view.


  1. Sorry to hear that the first week of Summer wasn't as great as you expected but it's good that you guys had so much fun in the second week, great photos.

  2. Oh - I'm jealous and do want to splash around in the pool! We still have 2 more weeks of school, here. If those pictures represent your summer - then yeah for you!! Soak up that sun and enjoy your new rockin shape!

  3. Love the photos! I'd be right there with you if that water park were nearby! Enjoy!

  4. Yay! That looks actually fun (I fear the water park--waterslides are so frightening, and the last two times I went I got a ton of water up my nose, and some idiot kid exposed my hoot with the dumpy pail).

    I like yoga a lot too. Yoga and pilates are my top, A-NUMBER-1 choices for exercise. But yoga takes a ton of strength, so I don't know if many people realise you have to work your way into it sloooooowly, because even though it's FAR more zen than Jillian Michaels screaming "COME ON, GET SOME! GET SOME!" at me, it's really hard!

  5. Well, you know what they say...even though your are BUSY, a change is as good as a rest.
    change up of the routing, the daily hum drum
    sunshine fun busy is the BEST kind of busy.

  6. Sometimes I'd like to go back to childhood, when summers were endless. Time is so much faster now that I'm an adult!

  7. oh, I do have these same visions, yet I am stuck in the day to day get done and I have to take these kids swimming or I'll kill them mode. But taking a toddler to a pool is not relaxing, so I think I'd rather be home unpacking. grrrrr...

    I do want you to get on that book lady!


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