Tuesday, January 10, 2012


my good buddy Karen over at Ow, My Angst did a fun post a few days ago where she gave herself a makeover, jersey-style to show her love of the tv show Jerseylicious. it's a show about some jersey girls who do hair and makeup ~ and when i say they do them, i mean they do it all excessively. tons of makeup crammed onto their faces and big, big hair.

i thought it would be fun to do one of these myself, so i asked her to make it into a meme in order to make it seem like i wasn't just being a lame copycat, even though i am. you'll see her linky and note at the bottom of this post if you want to participate too. men, that includes you. please, feel free to indulge your inner diva and take pics to show us your creative process.

that means i'm the first to jump onto the karenlicious bandwagon with a makeover of my own.

with no further adieu . . .

i filled my bathroom counter filled with various and sundry hair and makeup items.

then I started with a blank canvas. scary, I know.

then i painted my face with waaayy too much concealer, foundation and powder.

next comes the choice of what color to put on my eyes. those are always the most fun to create.

 this was done with brow liner, 6 different eyeshadow colors, plus black liquid eyeliner out the wazoo.

i guess it's time to do something with my stupid hair. hmmm.... i don't have a bump it to lift it up. or any extensions. or a flat iron. dang it, i'm just stuck with my hair dryer and standard curling iron. well, it's not big enough to look like a proper jersey girl, but it's bigger than usual. let's just overlook it, shall we? look at my lipliner instead, okay? niiiccee!

smile pretty for the camera!

okay, i'm starting to feel weird about taking my picture all alone in my bathroom with a face caked in goop. maybe if i make some faces, that'll help.

i've got some great stink-face going on here.

it's feeling less and less like jerseylicious and more and more like glamor shots gone horribly wrong. in my bathroom.
 okay, that was fun. now it's time to go cook dinner and toss in another load of laundry. i'm so glamorous i make those licious girls jealous.

brooke decided to let me make up her face and floof up her hair today too and she wrote about it and included pictures on her own blog. to see and read about it, check out hers here. it's funny.

if you want to join in the face painting fun, here's karen's blurb and info.

The "Karenlicious Meme"

Make yourself delicious!  

Karen is a blah, boringly natural housewife and mom most of the time.  But she made herself DELICIOUS. 
Here's what you do:  throw a shovel-full of makeup onto your grill.  Take as many before and after photos as you want of your transformation. Post these insane photos for all the world to see, with the "karen-licious" banner.
Invite your friends to pass it on and be ridiculous too! 

Then go wash your face.  You're fine just the way you are.  But not today!  Today you are


  1. I painted my face but it didn't turn out as good as I thought it would.
    Apparently, it was supposed to be for the exterior of the HOUSE.
    Good thing it was latex, though.
    But, I have a latex allergy.
    Or is that a playtex allergy?

  2. Love it! Great job, and Brooke, too!

  3. You too are nuts. If I didn't have to work all week I would join in.

  4. YES! YES! YES! HOORAY! I'm a little disappointed though, because you looked so pretty, and I didn't see a "crazy stamp" of blush on your face--hee hee! That was so fun. I'm going to scroll back up and then back down so I can relive it again, and then I'm going to check out Brooke's!

    Tell Alaina to just GET ON OUR BANDWAGON!

  5. oh wait...I'm not disappointed you looked pretty--you're pretty anyway. It didn't look too heavy to me for some reason. Maybe that's the sickness of being desensitized by TV.

  6. Hahaha!! LOVE the orange face against your chest. And your facial expressions are priceless.

  7. I don't even own enough make-up to make myself up like that. Was Tammy Faye Baker from Jersey? That might explain all the make-up.

  8. You are funny and brave, there is no way I would post pics of before make up online.

  9. That was a RIOT. How fun to do that....and I love the last photo of you and your daughter. I have never watched that movie, but seen the characters on talk shows a dozen times.
    I keep asking myself..FOR REAL?? I mean, REALLY?

  10. Hey! I saw that post and thought I wanted to be a copy cat of Karen and do a post like hers. So yay! I may participate in that meme. Love that your daughter did this too. So cute. :) (also, I tagged you in a thing over at my blog if you want to check it out)

  11. It's way too hot for that here right now.. it would all melt off my face in seconds lol!

  12. Regardless of the pounds of makeup, I still think you are smokin' hot. :)

    Great idea. I should jump on the "licious" wagon.

  13. :-)

    I have the sudden urge to rat my hair!


  14. thanks guys. it was ridiculous, but fun to do on a rainy tuesday afternoon.
    karen, i think the shade of my blush just wasn't dark enough to really look crazy. it was super thick though, so you can't say i didn't try.
    lady E, isn't that so tacky? i intentionally used a color that would be the wrong shade for some emphasis of the crazy.
    nubian, the picture without makeup makes me cringe each time i see it. i keep debating with myself about taking it off, but then, the transformation wouldn't be so clear. eek.
    i think the rest of you should hurry up and do one of these too! but don't use house paint like al.

  15. I love the look this makeover's given you Sherilin, the Jersey look is awesome!


    Hey Sher, do you EVER go out with anywhere near that much makeup on now? I don't!!!

  17. OMG, you guys crack me up. I know I would have to go out to Target and buy some make up since right now I only have an eyelash curler and some powder foundation......Gawd, I need some help.

  18. Love this post! You and your daughter both have the most beautiful eyes.

    Also, I cracked up at the goofy shots. I am queeeen of making ridiculous faces in photos. For your pleasure:




    Other ridiculousness:






  19. I wish that someone would teach me how to put on eyeliner and eyeshadow in six colors. Sometimes, I get the makeup just right, and other times (usually) I look like a cross dressing clown. So sad. Your pics were fab (as always)!

  20. Haha! Now I have the background of that pic on FB! I'm sorry...I know it's ridiculous, mindless, and completely grotesque, but that show cracks me up. I grew up in a place a lot like Jersey, so this is the kind of beauty prep I had before high school every day!


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