Sunday, January 8, 2012

a week with the dogs

last week, as i mentioned in my last post, we were dog sitting for my sister. we only have cats, so it was very different to be in the house of dog, but fun. taking them for walks everyday was good for us, as well as them and going to petsmart with critters this big was definitely different. usually we go there to visit other people's dogs, but this time we were the ones with the dogs.
why yes, he does like to take a stick on a walk.
brooke had a great time with them and loved all the hulking dog-flesh surrounding her. she was able to walk angus, african boerboel, on his leash several times and she felt pretty powerful to be taking a dog, who weighs significantly more than she does, out for a walk.

kobe, great dane, thinks she's a lapdog and wants to snuggle all up in your grill whenever you sit down. she's ridiculously sweet, and we liked cuddling on the couch, though waking up with her whiskery nose in my ear every morning wasn't awesome.

brooke took advantage of the great weather we had on a couple days and took angus out front for some quality time together. she read him books and sang him songs and brought him a branch out of the neighbor's yard to chew so he'd be happy.

and we were all amused to find him sleeping on the couch later with his teddy-no-snouty tucked under his arm.

it was a good week, but i'm glad to be back here with our little purry buddies.


  1. Great photos, but the last one was the winner!

  2. My friend recently spent a week looking after a neighbours dog and he hated it, it's great to see you guys didn't! Like Ruth says, these photos are adorable, I love these!

  3. Ooh what lovely enormous dogs! I dog sat a lovely little dog for a few days and she went home yesterday and now I miss her. Love that last shot. Sarah xxx

  4. You are a better human than I. I couldn't do it. The smell of dog would make me crazy. I must admit the one pick of the dog up their with his jowels hanging low is darn cute.

  5. My dogs are only half their size, but I have three of 'em ... and two cats!

    Oh yeah! Nearly forgot ... two kids too.

    Nice pics!

  6. I love dogs---but only when they belong to someone else. That sounds horrible, I know but I just don't have the time for it. Maybe when the kids get older but I have to tell you, I'm doing just fine with our 3 hermit crabs.

  7. Yeah, I'm with Lizbeth. Those pics were cute though. How much do those doggies weigh?!?

  8. Such sweet babies. I love those droppy jowls! And . . . believe it or not, I love some good dog smell. :-) Well, not so much if they're dirty, but a clean dog is one of my favorite smells. I am happy to stick my nose up into Kobe's neck or jam my cheek against Angus's snuzzly snout. But I'd rather go visit them than have them living with me. Got enough dog flesh here under my own roof!

  9. those dogs are beautiful.
    does you daughter need a dog...perhaps??

  10. Reminds me of how my girlfriend has been asking for a dog for years now.

    I'd better get on it.


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