Saturday, February 6, 2010


tonight my mom told me that she had consumed a few lil bits of candy out of the cookie jar that brooke likes to nibble from periodically. she wanted to tell me that so that should i notice something missing, i wouldn't think brooke had taken it without permission. that made me laugh because brooke is way too guilty in her guts to steal candy & not make a rapid & tearful confession.

case in point ~ last year, for christmas of '08, we had each gotten one of those really big, fat hershey kisses in our stockings. of course brooke and i quickly dispensed w/ ours, but chris took a couple bites & then wrapped it up & left it on his bookshelf. for months! it was frequent torment for brooke who couldn't walk into our room w/o eyeballing & coveting that thing. so one night she asked me if she could just eat it already & i explained that first, it's bedtime & we don't eat crap like that at bedtime & secondly, it's not mine to give her. she seemed sad but resigned, so i went into the bathroom to start the bath water. a few seconds later she came bounding into the room w/ a big smile on her face & i asked her what she was so chipper about. then the smile crumbled & she confessed. "i was trying to act happy so you wouldn't know what i did!!" then with tears streaming down her face she told me, "i just unwrapped a corner of daddy's kiss & i scraped it with my fingernail & got a little chocolate & i LICKED it!!! i'm feeling so guilty i can't stand it!" she apologized to me & asked me to forgive her & then she called daddy at work to apologize to him for wronging him so rudely.

so, no. i doubt i need to worry about brooke swiping candy from the cookie jar because even if she did, it would only be a wee morsel & she'd have to tell on herself. she tells me often that she has a tender heart & i sure believe her. like tonight when i was praying w/ her before bed she prayed to thank God for her cool church. she thanked him for the cool bible verses she gets to learn & memorize while she's there & that she gets to "praise His existence." i guess when you're brooke & you pray & ask God to take away your fear in the night & He surrounds you with a "force field" of angels, yeah, you'd want to praise His existence often & w/ a truth that most adults can't muster up.


  1. What a wonderful girl with a heart for God!

  2. :) I'm smiling too big. What a lovely post.


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