Sunday, February 28, 2010

whimley & fizz

here's a post from a few months ago. thought i'd bring it back to share with those who don't facebook.

today brooke was sitting in the cupboard playing for a few hours and during part of that time i was in the kitchen too. while i was making muffins & we were passing notes to each other through the silverware drawer. i wrote one that said, "how many teeth are in your mouth?" she answered "7" since that's how many she's lost, as i'd expected she would. so i verbally asked her the question again so she'd really understand it & she said, "i don't know! whimley can't count in the dark!" according to her, whimley wormtongue is her tongue's name. i didn't press it any further. about half an hour later she resent the note w/ the 7 crossed & out & she'd written in "23". i asked her how she figured it out since she was still in the dark cupboard. she said, "fizz counted them for me." fizz is her left hand.

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