Wednesday, February 3, 2010

random moments with brooke

when i became i parent, i never realized how random my life would end up.
this morning around 5am, brooke came sobbing into my room telling me she'd had a dream that belle (my parents' golden retriever) had to be put to sleep and she couldn't stop thinking about how awful that would be. she said, "it was just terrifying!" that word, terrifying, woke me up completely because even though i was feeling sympathy, i was also feeling pride at her good useage of such a big word. anyway, i realized that she really was scared & upset, so then i was hoping to distract her before she sunk further into her dispair, which she's definitely prone to & that would have been the end of sleeping for either of us (not so much for chris though cuz he can sleep through about anything). so i found myself talking in a muy, muy small voice & doing my best spanish accent as i attempted to sound like skippyjon jones as i sang, "my name is skippito friskito (clap -clap), i fear not a single bandito (clap -clap), my manners are mellow, i'm sweet like the jell-o, i get the job done, yes indeed-o. (clap -clap)
then we made our accented way to the bathroom where brooke sat on my lap while i sang her another skippyjon song. i'm skippyjon jones & i bounce on my bed. once or six times, i land on my head.
8 years ago i never would have expected to find myself sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night with someone sitting on my lap while singing in a funny leetle spanish voice. sigh... but i guess i have to admit that it's better than i would have imagined!


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