Friday, May 21, 2010

art therapy

do you ever have one of those super duper, totally unfabulous days? you know, the kind where you look down at some point & realize you're sitting out front in a really old shirt, worn inside out & partially unbuttoned, wearing thick, gooey whitening strips on your teeth that look like a football mouth guard and cause a lisp & with cheap hair dye on your roots that makes your hair stand up straight for about 2 inches all the way around your head? and there's a kitten inside your shirt, squirming downward toward your boob because it's got the urge to burrow and you can't get it back out without exposing yourself and you're waving to the garbage man...   and maybe later in the day after you've had a shower & put on clean clothes, but no makeup & gone back outside to try to coerce your kid into doing some school work, and you find yourself meeting the new neighbor from across the street. you're feeling a bit self conscious about the lack of makeup, but try not to be insecure, so you carry on a conversation for several minutes & thinking you've made a nice connection and maybe a new friend, maybe she invites your kid over to see her dog. maybe you run inside to put on a bra because it's one thing to be in your own driveway without a bra, but quite another to be strutting about the neighborhood with the girls flopping free. and it's when you walk past a mirror that you realize there are multiple sweat drops showing up like neon right under your boobs because you were too lazy to put your bra on after your shower because you didn't think you were going to see anyone and you didn't realize how freakin hot it was outside and therefor how sweaty you were going to get in that region. and so maybe you spasmodically splashed some water around the rest of your shirt in an attempt to.... well.... uh...camouflage your.... situation. except then it was just weird and you thought about changing shirts, but that would be weird too to change shirts just to walk across the street, so off you go in hopes that your new neighbor might possibly be blind.

no, you never had a day like that? oh, ummm..... me either.

if brooke had a day like that, her crisis might be that her brain had gone dry, her ideas all shrivelled up. she might think her life was over due to that loss and she might be crying. i might go with something that's worked well at points in the past and that might be to suggest a lil art therapy for the both of us.

and it might go something like this. please note the brain with nothing in it but those boring squiggly lines.

and here we have the spider and cobwebs in the brain. not even so much as those pesky squiggles.

and maybe she might then feel like she needed to write big & bold on the kitchen floor. it might be a giant potato shaped head with... unique features and a very sad mouth.

so maybe we might decide to sit back to back & draw some pictures that might possibly evoke an emotion in each other that would be better than sad or mortified. and if we did, brooke's might look like this.

and maybe puppy 1 eye didn't exactly cheer me up right off the bat, but maybe it could have evoked an emotion eventually. but maybe i drew one for her that's excessively stupid and lame, but colorful. it might have had a redneck rabbit and a lollipop tree and a fusa in a tree and the ugliest monkey you ever saw.
 and maybe then brooke would have added her dog to the sky so that it was even more charlie and the chocolate factory on shrooms.

and then there might have been a fish...

and maybe by the end, you're both giggling and wishing you had a lollipop tree in your yard. and maybe then you get a picture of your sweet kid's red rimmed eyes smiling back at you while lying on your therapy.

and maybe life is good again and the art therapy worked.

but if you've never had one of those days, please disregard.


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  2. Never stop writing. Please. This was a wonderful post for me today.

  3. I really loved this blog. Had to read it again because it is so heartwarming.

  4. i'm glad you enjoyed this one. it felt different than my other stuff, but was fun. some days i need perspective.


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