Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day mole

today was mother's day & to celebrate, after church, we had lunch at home & then chris took brooke out for a couple hours so that i could have a nap. there's not much of anything i'd rather do w/ some free time than take a nap in a quiet house. my husband knows me well.

after my nap, we all went out for dinner & then to a park so she could play while chris & I walked (we're trying to make some positive, healthy changes, so we go walking rather than go to the couch after a big dinner).

when we got home, brooke ran to the back of the house to find the outside kitty (who's very pregnant now) to give her one last nibble before nightfall & on the way to the back, she found a dead mole. another one. of course she squealed with delight & scooped it straight up to show me. it was smaller than the last one & seemed somehow fresher. there weren't any teeth marks or anything on it, so once again i don't know why it was above ground or what killed it, but brookie was thrilled to bits to find it.

i decided to embrace her love of the dead & i actually touched it & got the camera & filmed her playing with it.
once i was able to move past the creepy aspect of dead critters, i've found that it's actually rather cool to be able to get a close look at them & see their silky whiskers & itty bitty teeth and nostrils. and that mole was very, very soft. amazing that God would bother to make something so small & below ground with a delicious fur coat. brooke asked if we could dissect it & then skin it so that she could keep the fur to rub. i said no, i'm not ready for that yet.

she put it on her scooter, which she called the mole bus & drove it around the driveway. i'm not sure where the were headed, but there was in incident at one point where the mole flew off the bus due to unsafe NTSB standards & it was run over by the mole bus & then it had a flat stipe through its body & brooke didn't want to play with it anymore. it was laid to rest in a dandelion bush & some scavenger will probably retrieve it later tonight. i'm sure brooke will check in the morning to see if it's still there.

all in all, it was a good mother's day, if a nontraditional one. i like my life.

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  1. I took a nap too! Only time of year I can pull out that Mother's Day card. I think seeing a mole up close would be cool too.. just not sure I want to touch it. I will just take your word on it being soft.


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