Sunday, July 25, 2010

mmm... liver flavored cat food

there comes a time in every kid's life where they eat pet food. right? i know i did when i was about 8 & visiting my cousin & it was only because he offered to give me half his allowance, but still, i chewed up & digested that crunchy cat kibble. i mean, i needed that 50 cents!

yesterday brooke was feeling kitty-ish & she told me she wanted to really experience what life is like for a cat, so she needed to eat some of their food. i thought about it & decided to give her permission (because that's that's what i do) but i forbid any eating of the wet stuff because that's just nasty. she got out the bag of iams kitten food & brought out a crunchy lil piece, popped it into her mouth & ate it. i watched her face & i could see that she really wanted to like it. what kind of cat would she be if she didn't like cat food? but she didn't like it. however, all was not lost because she still had the bag of friskies feline favorites to sample in hopes of finding her perfect cat food flavor. she looked at the 4 different shaped bits & selected the little brown triangle. she was a bit more hesitant this time, almost like she could see her chances of becoming a real cat disappearing into thin air if this didn't work out. she put it onto her tongue & savored it for a moment before chewing & swallowing. she said, "it was greasy, but good!"

for the next few minutes she romped around the kitchen, kitty style, and then she stopped next to me & said, "i think my belly is bubbling. BIG bubbles! but i have such a great aftertaste on my tongue! it's really pleasant!" she got the bag of cat food back out & looked at the pictures on the back showing which crunchy is which flavor & she realized she'd eaten a liver flavored piece. she determined that to be the culprit for her belly bubbles & decided that she should eat a milk flavored one to settle it back down. i recommended that she might try some pepto & a bit of people food to settle it down & she went with that for the time being.

today she told a friend of mine that she likes cat food & that milk flavored kibble is the best. she apparently ate some this morning & it agreed with her better than that pesky liver bit. she asked me if i'll please start mixing it in w/ the zip bag of cheerios that are left out for her each morning. this is the same kid who likes to eat suet. i always knew she wasn't a picky eater, but this is taking it to a whole new level.


  1. Hahahahaha! One day we may see Kibble Cheerios alongside the Honey Nut Cheerios in the stores, marketed to kids who want to kick up their fantasies just a notch, and Brooke will be rolling in the kitty bucks. What a kid!

  2. EWWWW!! Liver? I am not even sure cats like liver! BTW, you won my GiveAway! Email me with your mailing info!


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