Friday, February 11, 2011

good times in farty town

my good buddy tracy, over at It's An Average Life is hosting a month long "battle of the blogs" where she has a bunch of followers who signed up for some debating good times. she chose the pairings, mostly boys against girls, and she gave us each a quirky topic & which position we would be arguing. i was paired up with underground dude and our topic was flatulence. what a lucky surprise for me since i do enjoy some good potty humor & when i'm given an assignment to write about it, it makes me feel more mature, like it's a legitimate exercise.

so if you want to go check it out over in tracy town, here's the link to gassy greatness. (*update. that link goes to a dead page. here's a link that will take you to the story.)

and for those of you who are here from checking me out after reading that tacky delight, WELCOME! i appreciate you & i'm glad you're here! introduce yourselves & i'll come check you out.


  1. I'm heading there right now. I bet it's fantastic.

  2. Isn't it nice to know that there are as many sick and twisted people out there like you and I Sherily-pooh

  3. eschelle & al, thank you. i'm glad you enjoyed that stanky wackadoodliness.

    and tracy, i think we're in good company. we all like to put our best toots forward.

  4. I checked it out. You are too funny! I left a comment for you there, too.

  5. Thank you for your kindness! Your post today was HILARIOUS! Not so sure about the poetry, yet, I feel like that was so out there for me! :)

  6. I'm on my way.........check it out.
    flatulence is such a dumb word....I just like good ol' FART

  7. That was such a great read... from both perspectives.

    *still giggling*

  8. Flatulence!

    Great subject. Without it there would be no such thing as 'bumpulence'!

    Without periodic gaseous expulsions we'd all have string tied to our ankles and attached to a peg firmly hammered into the ground.

    I've never been so well entertained by a couple of 'farts' ... er, I meant the 'Dude' and your articles, not you and the 'Dude'!

  9. After your excellent Speed dating coverage you should open up a dating site

    “Inflatulations” - for people that pass wind in the night….

  10. Girl, I have never been so proud. Hold your head up. Do the Miss America wave. You did a great job.

    I am wondering if I have found my soulmate now tho.... we met at college. :(

  11. blacklog, that's awesome! i think you should copywrite that name because it's going to be worth money some day.


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