Tuesday, March 1, 2011


about a month ago i participated in a battle of the blogs at tracy's place, it's an average life, where i was given the topic of flatulence & the postion of pro. tracy is over the blogging business and has resigned. since this post never made it on my own site, i decided to post it here today. i've got a post in my head that i'm working on, but it may still not be ready for a couple more days, so if you haven't already read this one, and you're not grossed out by tooting, here you go.

i've been assigned the task of being a fart advocate. creating fervor for flatulence. giving props to the poots. and sadly, this is not much of a stretch for me.

i decided to take this business seriously, so i did some research: ie, i asked on my facebook status if anyone had any gassy wisdom they'd like to share with me. thankfully most of my friends are low class, so i got some positive feedback.

as it turns out, according to nurses nationwide, farting is something that is beneficial for your health. when i had surgery to remove a human from my body (aka c-section) i was told that i couldn't go home until i farted. clearly, there must be something very valuable about the removal of gas from the ass if holding it means you're held hostage in the hospital. the nurses cheered & clapped when i blasted a big one 2 days after birth. never had i been so proud of my ability to cut the cheese.

this brings me to a suggestion for all of us, when it comes to selecting a mate. in other species, the male and female choose the suitor who is most desirable, physically. they want the largest or strongest or in the case of the lion, the ladies pick the dude with the darkest mane. they want to know that their mate is healthy and will likely produce offspring with alpha potential.

forget sexy legs or piercing bedroom eyes, i think we should start evaluating each possible mate based on health & vitality. one sure sign of heartiness and a diet high in fiber is the quality & quantity of toots.

imagine, if you will, a bar filled with speed daters. there are 40 people in the room, all looking for a love to last through the ages. they've all suffered from heartache and squandered dreams in the past, but this time, they're determined not to make the same mistakes. this time, they all came prepared. they've filled up on garbanzo beans and broccoli, brussel sprouts and asparagus & they're ready to find their mates. each person spends 2 minutes with the other mating candidates. their goal is to impress and be impressed. they skip past the small talk, who cares about jobs or astrological signs? she coyly raises her eyebrow as she raises her butt cheek, allowing for the optimal amount of noise and smell enhancement. she waves her hand seductively to waft the smell his way & then smiles and lowers her chin to gaze at him through her lashes while he takes it all in. he smiles and nods approvingly, then turns his back to her and arches his back. he lets forth with a bellow from below, turning his head to look over his shoulder, not wanting to miss her reaction to his power. he winks at her, then leans across the table toward her to whisper something in her ear. one word was all it took. "cabbage."

a love connection was made that night and one couple left together, awash in gastrointestinal bliss.

this, my friends, is a fairy tale with a happy ending. and one that can be yours if only you'll put your best toot forward.


  1. I cracked up the first time and this time didn't disapoint! Will you please move to AZ so we can be real friends and I can just laugh all the time? Seriously, your the best. I could picture the whole speed dating thing in my head and I love it! ha

  2. I see Tracy is back on line but no sign of the BOTBs. A shame, as I really liked the concept (I also have a post that has been ready to go for the last month. At least yours got published) but must admit I have got a bit fed up with the roller coaster of it’s on, it’s off saga.

    I’m thinking of doing a more structured version, with proper knock out according to reader votes, leading to a grand final and a champion “Battle of the bloggers” – is that something you and any of your blogger friends would be interested in? or have you had enough of the whole thing.

  3. If this theory of yours is corerect, then I have the healthiest husband in the universe!

  4. Oh, I forgot, love the redecorating on your site.

  5. I just love when you talk Fart to me :)

    Love your new page and pic!

  6. I see that black log is trying to scoop up the battle of the blogs... fill your boots my friend... quite frankly i did not realize that my blog was meant to serve others needs. so if you are a bit fed up with the roller coaster of it's on and off again saga... i suggest you go ahead and swipe my idea.

  7. Oh gosh...cracking me upppp! My husband is definitely pro toot. In fact, so much so that just him farting isn't enough. Every time I bend over, or one of his co-workers bends over, he lets out one of his very well impersonated fart noises. Some are wet. Some are airy. Some are long. But he gets me every time. EVERY TIME!!!

  8. Awesome argument, hard to argue with the compelling logic! I've been trying to articulate this very position for years, thanks for providing the ammo!

  9. Hahaha... yup. The nurse told me that too. Funny! But still, it hurt like a bitch to fart after the section, for real, eh?

  10. You are so disgustingly awesome. Maybe I need to try your date idea. I'm not getting anywhere the regular way, for sure!

  11. LOL! This is so funny!
    If Farting was a Desirable Trait, my husband would be highly sought after!

  12. Well then, I guess my mom married a winner. Oh, yeah so did my husband, I inherited my fathers genes.


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