Monday, August 1, 2011

hey girlfrand!

i've had some really great times with my female friends and family members since i moved here 2 months ago. it's been wonderful reconnecting with old friends & making some new ones. for the year and a half before moving here, we were down to only one car and with my husband working second shift, i had almost zero social life. it was like a vital part of me was snipped unceremoniously off and i was shrivelling up in some ways because i had no one to talk to except my computer. you guys became my social life and my feedback since i wasn't able to have much of it in the real world.

but i'm way too sociable to not get together with my lovely lady friends for regular rounds of laughing, joking, complaining and commiserating. there's something so wonderful about being with someone face to face that i missed badly. there's something delicious about getting a case of the giggles over something you see or talk about that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts, you can't form words or swallow food. you can only cover your mouth and laugh your guts out. cross your legs and try not to pee, but even if you do, it'll totally be worth it because the laugh was just that fantastic.

i hope for all of you that you have people in your lives with whom you can share that too. people who you can talk to about all the nitty gritty bits of parenting and marriage. who you can remember or relate old stories together that are just too great to forget. someone you can compare and contrast life situations with to help you gain some perspective. someone you can confide in when you have doubts about choices to be made. someone who shares your value system or maybe someone who doesn't, but due to your mutual respect of each other, it almost makes you like them more because it doesn't matter. you expand your world view when you talk to that person.

i also want to thank all of my regular readers and especially my commenters for taking the time to stop by here and say hi. thanks for sharing your opinions and stories and laughs with me. i feel like we're friends and i appreciate you.

and to you, amy, thanks so much for that wonderful card i recieved from you in the mail today. she's a bloggy friend who actually sent me a lovely card in the mail with a recipe for something delicious. i'd love to put a happy little piece of mail in the snail mail box of a couple of you who would be willing to email me your addresses. if you want some mail, contact me at

now go call someone & make a date for coffee or wine or a pool day or just a chance to sit around in your yard and chatter and laugh while your kids run around in the sprinkler, covered in grass clippings, but smiling and happy.


  1. Wha-Whaat??

    Love all this friend jabber on these blogs lately.
    Thanks for the shout out, lovie. Enjoy that DELISH dessert.


  2. I don't have anyone I can call for a coffee date, I just have my readers.

  3. I have lots of awesome real life friends, and some of those were blogger friends turned real life friends, so that's my bonus. :)

  4. I find it hard to get together with friends. Everyone is always so busy.

  5. Awesome! I've got a date with the girls in a couple of weeks to go see "The Help" when it comes out. I'm happy for you that you are getting back into the swing with being social.

  6. Me and the girls hit the town last weekend and ate until we were sick at the local buffet and then hit up the local theatre and watched Friends With Benefits. It was a much needed time to unwind and have a few belly laughs like you mentioned above.

  7. Moved to a new town a year ago. Still getting situated so I have my friends all over the world. Hence my blog post on the Postcard Project. Seems as though we are all on the same wave length.


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