Friday, August 5, 2011

she's a green diva now

oh yes, my friends, this is an application of the kitty rule.
ladies, this post is for you. men, i cherish you & your company, but this time you might want to avert your eyes. go do a lil reading about baseball or perhaps some cage fighting. or if you're more of an intellectual or just not interested in sports some chess or politics might be more your speed.

i'm not really one to do product reviews (and i'm certainly not being reimbursed for my opinion today), but i came across a little gem recently and i had to share it with you since you probably don't know about it. have you ever heard of a Diva Cup? i know, it sounds like a bra, but it's not. i stumbled across this thing in the feminine hygiene section of an organic health food store and i started snickering & called chris over for a giggle. while i was standing there squeezing the box and reading the side of it, the saleswoman walked over & announced that she just loves her diva cup and she's been using it for 5 years now and will never use anything else. she seemed pretty genuine and not like she was just feeding me a line for the purpose of pitching a sale, so i started asking questions.

okay, the deal with this thing is that it's a little silicone cup that you insert into your vagina during your period and it catches all the blood so that you never need to use a pad or tampon again. it can last for up to ten years if you take proper care of it and it saves you the trouble of ever having to carry extra feminine supplies along when you go places. you don't have anything gross to throw away & risk having a dog dig out of the bathroom garbage can.

admittedly it feels a little different to insert and to wear and i was a bit wary at first. you know how it feels when a tampon is riding low and you fear that if you have a sudden sneeze or laugh too hard it's going to shoot out like a bloody torpedo? well this feels a little bit like that at first.  however, this little thing isn't going anywhere.

it works with a sort of vacuum seal once you get it up in there correctly and then it doesn't come out unless it's given a good pull. you can't be squeamish about handling your lady parts if you're going to use one of these things because there's no long string dangling for removal. but there are so many up-sides to it that i don't think i'll ever go back.

i got it on sale for $30. it usually sells at that store for $37, but then you don't have to buy other stuff for period maintenance for years. you're doing the planet a favor by not tossing that mess into a landfill or flushing it down a toilet.

there's no link to women getting TSS from using it and you can't accidentally have sex with it in, leading to a really awkward visit to your doctor, because it blocks the entrance.

i was talking about it to a friend whose response was, "so you're telling me that you're walking around with a cup of blood sloshing around in your twat right now?" umm... yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it. but it seems to me that it beats a cotton ball on a rope with potential to leak. this bugger doesn't leak a drop. dump and clean it 2 or 3 times a day and you're golden.

this now concludes my unpaid infomercial for the diva cup.


  1. omg. i laughed so hard at the thought of inserting that :)

    i don't know if i'm ever going to switch into that. EVER.

  2. Love your infomercial! I use the moon cup (same thing just different brand), and love it! For me, the best thing is, The Trifector isn't running through the house crying because "momma won't share her lolly pops!" after he's found them in my cabinet.

  3. Hummm... that would have helped me avoid my latest near death experience - luckily, I can laugh at myself now.

    I don't know if I have the stomach for it. Blood, especially THAT kind, makes me squeamish.

    Why couldn't there be a slightly longer tab to help pull out... it's all I'm saying. lol

  4. I've been looking at those things... not sure if I am quite ready for it yet. But I'm willing to try anything one time to see what I think. Thanks for the info.

  5. Unfortunately, no time to read (gotta go put a toilet in. I'm starting to cramp up). I just wanted to let you know I put you in for a "Liebster Award." Ever hear of it? I didn't. Hey, an award is an award.

  6. Where was that when I was pre-menopausal? Sounds so much simpler!

  7. I got a Moon Cup after Lala told me about it. I love mine, but I do have leaky problems on my heavy day.

  8. Why am I just learning of this now?! Have I been living under a rock? What a great idea!

  9. "You know how it feels when a tampon is riding low and you fear that if you have a sudden sneeze or laugh too hard it's going to shoot out like a bloody torpedo? "

    Why yes, yes, I know exactly how that feels.

    I read this out loud to my wife and we both laughed so hard that we were crying. But funny thing, she is strongly considering getting one.

  10. I can honestly say I've never heard of one of these. I don't think it is for me, but it sounds like a good idea, and very environmental.

  11. I started to read just out of sheer curiosity. But, then I read "I was standing there squeezing the box" and decided to back out quietly while nobody was looking. I went and checked out the baseball scores instead. Apparently, the Yankees won and there was a bench-clearing brawl in San Francisco last night.

  12. cheeseboy, i know you have to hate that low tampon feeling too. and i'm glad your wife is considering it.
    it's good for laughs, but also practical, which is just the way i like things.
    al, i'm glad you stepped away when you did. only bad things could come of you reading further.
    lala & rach, you guys have been holding out on me! no fair!
    lady E, i almost linked to your post when i was writing this & used you as an example of why people should get this thing.

  13. See I don't think I could handle that low-riding feeling. It drives me nuts when a tampon does it. I don't think I'm particularly squeamish, but the thought of pulling out a bloody cup with my bare hands makes me feel a little yarky. I might seriously consider it otherwise. Can it handle high-impact aerobics?

  14. You have to email me and give me more details. I am totally intrigued, since yes, I have heard of this before, and yes, recently I was furious to fork out another $8 for a box of pads.

  15. I *LOVE* my diva cup. I am just like that saleslady, I will tell anyone about it! It never leaks, it's not gross like a tampon, it's easy, it's eco-friendly, etc. etc.
    It's so awesome I almost want my period to come back (still gone after last pregnancy)... almost.

  16. But now I'm back! Geez-a-lou, what's wrong with me!?

  17. Wow and wow. They should come in different sizes and colors!

  18. You know when you're watching a horror film and want to look away but can't? I'm imagining my face was in that exact expression all the way through this. It was an "Eeeeew!" and "Oh, really?" mix.
    I have to say, you sold me, but then "It's Just Me" gave me something to think about-- every day is my heavy day :-( I need more info!!

    And WHY ON EARTH did CB keep on reading after you told him to go read about baseball??

  19. I love when a blog is funny AND informative. =)

  20. imbeingheldhostage, that's so funny about your face while reading! i kind of like it when i read things that give me a big reaction, even if the reaction is bad like that. i think that if you're having leakage, maybe it just needs to be dumped more often. rather than going the allotted 12 hrs, go ahead & do it every 6 just to be sure. there are lots of funny & informative videos if you google "diva cup" and then hit the video button.
    burkalator, i think it would be hilarious if they were colorful. or maybe had pictures on the side.
    karen, i emailed you with any other info i've got. there's not much cuz i'm a tell-all kind of gal already on my blog.
    jess, i'm glad to know you were already on that bandwagon & you're in favor of it. once i knew about it, i couldn't just not try it.
    al, do you have a man-gina? is that why you're hanging about over here on this post? you said you have kids, but maybe they're adopted...

  21. My husband says they should be red. Ewwwwwww.


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