Friday, February 5, 2010

it's all in the name

my mom's here for the weekend & she was wanting to figure out how to become my follower on here (which is rather amusing to me because it feels like a reversal of sorts) and i was wanting to help her because it would help my ego if i had more followers. i clearly don't know what the heck i'm doing because instead i suceeded in becoming a follower of myself. and now i don't know how to un-follow myself, so there i go - chasing my own tail.
i have often felt the need to write stuff out because otherwise it spins around & around in my head, composing itself & tying up my brain until i purge it out. i've had some success at using facebook as an outlet, but sometimes it just seems like i need more & so that's how i find myself here, blogging. and as for the name, "laughing my abs off," it just seems like an apt name since, as brooke's mom, i find myself being continually amused by her creative use of english & interesting view of the world. one day she was watching spiderman w/ chris & there's a bit of language in there which i was hoping would slip over her head, but then spideydude was in the ring w/ the bad guy & i heard her yell, "yeah, kick his abs!" and then i was in the kitchen laughing my abs off & talking to a friend & hence, the name was born.
she's a kid w/ a fabulous imagination, for better or for worse. yesterday she told me that she loves it & hates it sometimes & that on the days when she hates her imagination, she wants to just break it because it gives her bad stuff that just doesn't work. and other days she loves it because it creates things like "project poodle runway" which required that she dress in a gray outfit w/ a fluffy pink fur vest & strut around on her cardboard runway on her hands & knees for a couple days while imagining that she could hear the roar of the crowds who were seeing her as the prettiest poodle in town.
i love that about her, but sometimes i'd just like to see her wear real clothes by choice, even when we're not going anywhere. but then again, if she did that, she wouldn't be my funny girl in the cat/dog/tiger/chipette/bolt/brittany/hannah montana/icarly/dinosaur/bunny suit. and maybe i wouldn't be laughing my abs off!


  1. I think it's a perfect name. I wish we could laugh our abs back into existence. Today I am tired at the thought of another 17 years of this. Do you think tequila will help?

    Blogger is goofy...I had an account on and off for the last few years, but never really got anywhere with it. But now I can't figure out how to delete the thing. My online profile will live on long after I am gone, I fear.

  2. i think you should try the daily tequila shots & let me know how that works out for ya! maybe i need a new beverage...

  3. Hi Sherilin! I love hearing about your days with Brooke!

  4. LOL I am the unnamed friend above,,,,laughing my abs off


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