Thursday, March 25, 2010

bob the hobo

my daughter, brooke, told me one day that the reason her hair is always so tangly is because there's a hobo who lives in her pillow. she then proceeded to make the story into a little book on post it notes. here is her book.
it says written by mom, but she dictated & i just wrote down her words when she didn't feel like writing them herself.

"Hey Sweetie, why is your hair so messy in the morning? We brushed it last night before you went to sleep; so why is it so messy the next morning?"

Once there was a little hobo and at night, he would crawl out of his pillow-

and jump into the person's hair! And would do the cha-cha while whistling the chicken dance song.                                                (this is a close up of bob coming out of the pillow & into her hair)

and he danced and he sang...

And then he was kind of hungry, so he ate some spaghetti.

BURP! "Excuse me!"


"Who are you?" said the girl. And the hobo said, "My name's Bob and I'm a hobo."


"I need to take some food into my room"
and her dad said, "stay here and have breakfast with us."

and here ends the the first book in the hobo series. a few months later she decided she needed to make a second one & in the second book she did all the writing herself.
HOBO the 2ND and the New Girl

yummy!      (i love the hamburger in this one. and if i might point out, it's actually a meatless burger cuz we're vegetarians & she apparently didn't want her hobo eating meat either.)

Ahhhhhh!   (i think bob was almost a kitty treat while dad looks on, in case you can't tell what's happening here.)

awww... That's cute!

Oh Yeah! BaBy     BOB<---  --->BiBBY        (i love how they're busting a move  w/ their eyes closed & a disco ball overhead!)

Look at that  ooooo! (they're looking at the glowing lightbulb)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8                                    (there's about to be a game of hobo hide & seek)

(it was intended to be written - ) Redy your Not her I come

I Fouwnd you!

the and            (did you notice that the hobos are tucked into bed with her now? i wonder if they'll still mess up her hair.)


  1. hahahaha <3 it !!!! Thanks for sharing :D YAY Brooke!

  2. Good work, Brooke! Keep writing those books! (Tell Bob I said hi.)

  3. How cute and wonderful! Love this!


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