Thursday, March 11, 2010


so brooke really likes to talk in funny voices a lot & there's one she does particularly well. it's the voice of a very old man & we've named him edgar. usually when edgar's around, he's yelling at kids in his neighborhood & telling them to stay off of his mule. he frequently has hip issues & uses a stiff, giant straw to assist himself while walking. today we played a whole game of candyland while talking only in the voices of edgar & frank (my own version of old manliness). edgar kept yelling at frank, "what'dya say again, sonny?" frank thought edgar should turn up his hearing aid, but edgar yelled back, "i'm just an old gingerbread cookie. i have no money & how the heck can i have a hearing aid?" i laughed myself nearly silly during the dumbest game ever, all the while our landlord was upstairs fixing something & probably seriously considering evicting us cuz we're clearly unstable.

at the moment, edgar is sitting in the kitchen sink having a half bath & washing his pet pig, named "no name." he's talking about his gas issues & generally just speaking to himself. he's singing, "there's a party in my tummy - so yummy, so yummy." he's talking about how sometimes he can't make it to the bathroom in time & has to wear a pull-up, especially at night.

it's days like today that take that little spark of life left in me & fan it back to a big roaring fire of happiness & goodwill.

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