Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gross lost food

have you ever found gross food in your house in places it doesn't belong? yeah, yesterday i found remnants of a stripped down fish stick that had been partly eaten by someone (cat? brooke?) on top of the fridge. and once i found an entire apple inside our couch that was completely flat & dehydrated as if my couch were its own giant dehydrating machine. it had clearly been there for months to get as flat & dry as it was. how did i not smell that? did my house smell like rotting vegetation & i just didn't notice? have you ever been to my house & smelled something disgusting but were too polite to tell me?

i mean, i know that my child tends to sometimes drop food on the floor & maybe i don't always pick it up in as timely a fashion as i should, but dang! how'd she lose an entire apple? and thank goodness we're past the point of sippy cups cuz those bad boys would get lost under or inside of things & just get chunky & oh-so-nasty before they were unearthed. once, when brooke was a baby, i'd left her in the church nursery & when i came to pick her up i asked how she'd been. the worker lady told me she'd given her some juice, but brooke didn't want to drink it, no matter how many times she put it in her mouth. um... i had forgotten that cup of juice from a trip i'd made a few days earlier! gross! there were blobs floating in it! who would give that to a baby?! oh wait, i'm the mom who forgets to put anything in the diaper bag other than a filthy cup of week old juice! who am i to point fingers?

so my question is this - what gross food items have you found in random places in your life? please share so i won't feel so badly about my fish stick & flat apple.


  1. HaHa! I love this post! My most recent nasty find was a chicken bone, stripped clean, under the stairs in my basement. I can not for the life of me think of how or when it got there. I find apple cores and orange peels everywhere everyday. The best though, is the random things I find in place of food. I'll open up the freezer on any given day to find a book, or hot wheels truck stuck in between the frozen corn and the ground turkey. The excuse is always, but IT was hot and wanted to be cold.

  2. OMG that is hilarious!!!! I found an old moldy apple in my couch several years ago. Our couch was leather and the cushion pulled up like a flap and it was stuck in there. I almost puked trying to pick it up. The boys of course were like 7 & 5 at the time, they thought it was hilarious! And of course no one knew where it came from... magic food is the best you never know where it will appear!!!!

  3. ha! i'm not the only flat apple mom!
    ladonna, we periodically find artic creatures in our freezer. there's a polar bear & a penguin that just keep coming back. they always get left in the freezer at my mom's house too.


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