Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mr lubba is my hero

my honey is my hero today. well, he's my hero lots of days, but today he gets bonus points. i had to get up & go to work today while chris has the day off. and in this day off he has.... done laundry, emptied & refilled the dishwasher, loaded brooke's new ipod, dumped & cleaned out the litter pan, fed the cats & girly lunch, made dinner, washed all the dishes from dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, taken a vacuum cleaner back to walmart & then took brooke to the mall for a train ride so i could have a nap on the couch w/ a full belly. shortly he will oversee brooke getting herself bathed & teeth brushed & then read her books before tucking her into bed.

i'm so lucky!


  1. WoW! My DH sucks in that department!

  2. and when i thanked him for all his awesomeness today, he assured me that since he's part of the family, he can certainly do his part to help. wow!
    maybe your dh needs some motivation... wink, wink.


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