Tuesday, August 24, 2010

where can i find a party nut?

brooke's been playing a sims africa game on her ds all day (i'd worry if this happened often, but it's rare that she's so devoted to it for so many hours close together) and she was telling me all the various things she's learning. like how cheetah's like to eat her meerkats & even though rhinos are vegetarians, the big cats are terrified of them because they could get trampled. how all you have to do to make babies is put two animals together that are a matching pair of boy & girl & then they will make sweet, animal love and shortly after, add newbies to her animal families. thankfully this process is not acted out on screen.

she also told me about the different foods they eat. some sound like real things, others are clearly invented for gaming amusement. like the party nut. if you feed the nut to an animal it will dance around & kick start a shindig of sahari proportions. i told brooke that i'd like to get my hands on one of those fictional party nuts & she said, "oh no you wouldn't! you'd need a sports bra for real! and then you'd have to dance for more than ten seconds! you wouldn't like it at all!"

hmmm.... shows what my kid thinks of my physical stamina. although, she's got the sports bra part nailed.


  1. Sometimes kids are too honest! LOL She is so funny!

  2. When you come here next week I'm gonna slip a party nut into your salad and you won't even know why you feel compelled to get up from the table and entertain us with a safari rumba for thirty seconds while we roll on the floor laughing!

  3. haha! yes please, mom, hand over that party nut! then i want you to partake & do your tina turner impression for our amusement!


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