Sunday, August 29, 2010

stupid games for when you're sick

i've been trying really hard not to complain, but i've been sick for 5 weeks now & haven't gone to the doc before today because i don't have insurance & doctors are expensive. however, after it getting progressively worse & talking to my mom yesterday, i did some research & determined that i needed to suck it up & go to the dr, however much it might cost. i was pretty sure i had pneumonia after looking it up last night, so this morning i went to the minute clinic who turned me away because they said i was too sick for them to help me. i needed a chest x-ray & they weren't equipped to do that. i burst into pathetic tears when the PA told me that & sent me out the door. so i mustered up my next batch of reserve & went to the urgent care nearby. i had found in my reading last night that before antibiotics were discovered/created, there was more than a 50% death rate for people who got pneumonia. i couldn't avoid it any longer.

sure enough, i've got it, along w/ a double ear infection. i hurt. i want to whine & blubber, but that makes me ache more. i have a really hard time stopping my life just because i'm not feeling well. i still have to go to work because i don't get paid days off. no one's going to pay me to not clean their house. and being sick & now adding medical bills means i need that money more than ever. whatever. enough whining from me.

brooke & i have been spending a lot of time on the couch lately since i haven't had the energy to do anything else & our favorite game to play is called "i wouldn't like to wear." to play this game, we sit at opposite ends of the couch & say, "i would not like to wear..." and then we insert something that amuses us that's random & foolish. as we say it we throw a ball to the other person. there's no benefit to the throwing, but it helps us remember whose turn it is & lets brooke run around the living room since we throw really badly.

some of the more entertaining things we've come up with in the past few days are -
i would not like to wear wood chip deodorant.
i would not like to wear an angry, wet, freshly bathed cat as a scarf.
i would not like to wear glass panties.
i would not like to wear twinkies for shoes.
i would not like to wear a necklace made of spider parts.
i would not like to wear a shirt made of green beans because it would decay & rot & stink & fall apart.
i would not like to wear shoes made from porcupines.
i would not like to wear a paint wig.
i would not like to wear a bra made from knuckles.
i would not like to wear tin foil sunglasses.
i would not like to wear a butter hat.
i would not like to wear sea urchin flip flops.
and my personal favorite - i would not like to wear a pine cone tampon.

what would you not like to wear?


  1. I would not like to wear peanut butter moisturizer.

  2. Love the game..I would not like to wear a shirt made of nails. You sure are able to hide when you are feeling bad. I had no clue! Feel better soon!!!!

  3. i'm glad i was able to hide it. my sister's leg issues have made me feel like a big stupid whiner to even feel like my sickness existed. i've been trying to be a trooper & i'm glad to know it's been working. nekey, i've actually seen you 3 times since i've been sick. ha!
    and i agree, peanut butter moisturizer & a nail shirt are really good ones! i'll have to use them next time we play.

  4. I would not like to wear a necklace made of stinky cheese. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Glass panties for sure!! Hope you get well soon!


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