Wednesday, August 18, 2010

rump dragger

i had a friend over tonight. it's a rare treat for me to have someone over who's not related to me, especially when they come over after brooke's in bed. when i was tucking brooke in, she was praying & said, "God, thank you that mommy can have some mommy time with rachel tonight even though it hurts my feelings, i'm still glad for her." we could hear her weeping quietly in her bed shortly after rachel got here because she was missing out on the fun she imagined we were having.

we had a good time - she provided the mojito mix & i provided the rum & it was nice to just sit & talk w/ a friend with no kids around! usually if we do see each other it's w/ our 3 kids running around, asking questions, needing to be directed or fed. whatever, but this was really nice.

about 2 hours into it, the kitten comes walking into the room, drops her rump to the carpet & starts dragging. i scooped her up to find what i knew i'd find. she'd once again managed to consume one of brooke's long hairs & it was stuck & causing problems. so my nice night w/ rachel ended w/ me holding the kitten over the bathroom sink w/ the faucet running & the kitty screaming & clawing to be free. and on that fine note, rachel left. sigh...


  1. OMG! Did you get the hair out? Oh my!!!

  2. i did get the hair out. much to miss kitty's intestinal dismay.


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