Friday, December 30, 2011

first impression fail

do you give any thought to first impressions? i hardly ever do. i've been told that i come across as "short and snappy" and then latter had it clarified that she wasn't referring to my lack of height, but my big mouth. and i've been told in more recent years that i seem really conservative, but that turns out to be a pretty big surprise after you dig a little deeper and hear some of the stories of my life.

but there's one story of first impressions that stands out to me. it pains me to remember it.

when chris and i first got married, we lived in a little duplex in a little college town in east armpit tennessee. he was in school during the day and at work every evening, so i didn't see very much of him. i was lonely and bored because i couldn't find a full time job, i had no friends and we didn't have internet.

some guys moved in next door and they were just a little bit younger than us. it seemed like we would probably get along and we all smoked outside together a couple times over the weekend when they were moving in.

a few days later, chris was at work and i'd rented a movie that only had a one night rental time, so i would need to watch it without him. i didn't feel like spending yet another night alone on the couch, so i went and banged on the door of the new neighbors. i had the movie in hand and said i was wondering if they might like to watch it.  the guy, daniel, said yes and tried to take it out of my hand and close the door, but i held on and said that i was asking if they'd like to watch it with me.

this seemed to be surprising to them, but not necessarily unpleasant, so it was decided that we'd watch it in their place since smoking in the house was allowed over there and was outlawed in my house.

it was a little bit awkward since we really didn't know each other, plus i was a married woman approaching two single guys to hang out while my big husband was at work. but we all settled in to watch the movie and i was feeling pretty good about maybe making some new friends.

the problem started about halfway through the movie when there was suddenly a pretty raunchy scene. there was definitely some boobage and some awkward noises which caused my face to flash hot and red. i was afraid to look away. afraid to look at either of the guys. i felt sick to my stomach, but frozen to my seat.

no one spoke through the rest of the movie. when it was finished, daniel said, "i think we all need a cigarette after that."

thankfully we were all able to laugh about it later and i assured them that i normally don't take soft porn to strange guys' houses and ask to watch it with them.

i'm pretty sure that was one of the worst first impressions i ever made.


  1. That's actually such a great story although it's hardly really your fault is it? I mean, you didn't know how raunchy the whole thing was going to get I'm sure so it's not your fault. It would be amazing if your friendship with these guys was still pretty strong after this though!

  2. You? Conservative? That's the best thing I've heard all day! Wait....did someone unfollow you? You're down to 200. Want me to make up a fake google account to bump up your numbers again?

  3. yeamie, it totally wasn't my fault. i would never have taken a trashy movie over there if i'd known it was trashy. i've learned to look more closely at movies when choosing them since then. and actually, i'm still friends with one of them. i just put a link to this story on his facebook wall because i know he'll laugh when he reads it & remembers the awkwardness.

    carrie, isn't that funny? i think since i've had brooke & gained weight, i've had to start dressing more conservatively, so it gives off the false impression of me being someone i'm not. that and homeschooling also seems to make people think i'm traditional. and would you please get me one more follower? i lost one a couple days ago. maybe it was something i said.

  4. Only you, Sherilinnie. Only you. See, you should be a recluse introvert like myself....

    ...and then you have no fun stories like this. :(

  5. kar-kar, i can't be introverted or reclusive! i'm not wired for such things, even if i do sometimes make bad impressions on people.

  6. What was the name of that movie? you must have been so desperate!

  7. First impressions can be life savers!

    I remember that time you came over to my place with a pizza that needed a home.

    I must admit that I was very grateful that you decided to share your pizza with me. However, I was a little suspicious when I realised you were dressed as a French maid. That in itself was not too worrying. It was the the steel helmet with 'Born to kill!' painted in red on it that made me shut and dead-bolt the door!

  8. Amazing how different people can be perceived from how they look to what is really going on inside. When I got my new job I put on my A game. But as I got to know the women I work with the stories came out and I think I made a couple of mouths drop to the floor because I can come off as being a goodie two shoes and that is SOOOO not me. Every once in a while I will let out a story that makes them pause and rethink me again. It is fun to keep people wondering. Yeah I can see how you would be perceived differently because you are a stay at home, home schooling mom. I still like you though. I would face book friend you but I don't even talk to my own friends there.

  9. Conservative is hardly the impression I have of you! lol

  10. melissa, i have no idea what the name of the movie was. i only remember that i picked it because it starred an actress that i liked on a tv show.

    symdaddy, you're much safer bolting the door. and did you notice my spikey steel toed boots too?

    awal, isn't it fun to pull out the unexpected stories to surprise the people around you? i've got some friends who think they've heard it all, but i've still got a few gems up my sleeve that i can bring out when i need to.

    eva, good. that's because i'm not. and on my blog, the real me shows rather than the skin deep, dumpy clothes me.


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