Thursday, December 8, 2011

goals - i have some

goals are one of those things to which i don't give much thought, most of the time. unfortunately, i'm not one of those driven people who feels that internal need for success and accomplishment. i don't have big mental or written lists spelling out clearly what i hope to do before i die. or in the next ten years. or tomorrow. i can understand the logic and benefits, but i can rarely drum up much enthusiasm for an honest effort.

my goals, if i think about them are things like,

1. don't eat cheese for every single meal.

2. try to remember not to wear the pants that squeeze the muffin top the worst unless i'm wearing a loose fitting shirt.

3. become financially secure enough to be able to go to the grocery store and buy all the things on the list in the same day.

4. become financially secure enough to be able to purchase both christmas presents and much needed shoes for the girl's growing feet without having to figure out which is more important.

enough about finances. it makes my brain hurt to think about it.

5. reach 200 blog followers before 2012.

6. learn how to flap my arms and fly when i jump off the stairs.
oh wait, that's one of brooke's goals. please disregard.

6. cause people to leak. any form of leakage is acceptable. tears, drool, spewed beverages, puke, piddle. i figure if there's some type of leakage, then i must have had an imact and impact is always a good thing.

7. never ever be bland. vanilla is the enemy. spice is my friend.

8. never shave my head again.

i can't think of any more. eight goals isn't so bad, i guess.

are you a goalie? what are your goals?


  1. I wish I could be less goal obsessed. I spend my entire life writing and then re-writing my to-do lists in my BlackBerry. It makes me loony. You looked hot without hair, btw.

  2. Would making people laugh so much that milk comes flying from their nose satisfy goal #6?
    I agree with Carrie Ann-that bald "do" looked pretty hot. In a Sinead O'Connor kind of way.
    Did you have anything against the Pope?

  3. Wow! You rocked the bald look! My goal is to get up in the morning, and to make it back to bed at night.

  4. Well, actually, both Eva and I share the same goal.

  5. WOw, you look good bald. I always wonder what I would look like. Probably like a man.

    I so relate to 3 and 4. Why can't I just buy everything we NEED! Forget the wants... blah blah.

  6. carrie, i write some lists too, but getting things done from day to day is a different kind of goaling than i was thinking here. i just write that crap down because otherwise i forget.

    al, i would totally consider milk shooting out a nose an acceptable form of leakage.

    eva, it seems that you're very successful! you are reaching your goal every day.

    daniele, thanks. see, my goals #3 & 4 aren't unrealistic, care they? you should try one of those computerized makeover things & see if they have a bald option. wouldn't it be funny if there was a conehead option?

  7. I agree with Al and Eva. You honestly have the true beauty to pull it off.

  8. I am the same way! I like your spice goal........VAnilla is so boring. I married a man you loves Vanilla......come on, really?

  9. I wish you luck with your goals.

    I used to be a 'goalie' ... along time ago.

    But I got a little too old to dive around stopping soccer balls, whilst protecting my own.

  10. "7. never ever be bland. vanilla is the enemy. spice is my friend."

    This is so true and a value I put into everything I do in life. I love the bald look too, you can pull it off! Great post as always, a list of goals is actually such a good idea, I'm now tempted to do the same!

  11. Is that really you with the shaved head? I feel you on the finances, it always makes Christmas tough.

  12. I like some of your goals. I liked the leakage one, I'm thinking I should add that to my list of goals. Assuming I ever compose one.

  13. No goals for me, they only point to failure if you don't reach your goals.

  14. My one goal is to survive each and every day in this house without mentally maiming my kids too bad. Probably too late for that....

  15. I don't know what you and Melissa have against vanilla. It is a DELICIOUS, underrated flavour. DELICIOUS, I TELL YOU. Anybody can be chocolate. Chocolate is so OVERT, like the loud joker at the party, but Vanilla--ah, vanilla is clever.

    Your shaved head was right on, but that's the kind of stuff for before-brain-is-completely-formed youth.

    I have a goal. To not wear plus sized clothing anymore. I have nothing against it or anyone who wears it. I just don't want to do it myself any longer.

    Oh, and maybe go one pms session without caving to the mighty power of doritos.

  16. hahahaha you make me laugh. I too wish I could get all my groceries in one trip. Broke ass. Lately I have been making a goal of just improving myself in general. Vague, but I am just trying to focus on being interesting to myself.

  17. middlechild, thank you. i guess i must have like it too since i shaved it twice, 4 years apart.

    melissa, smart cookie. shun vanilla when it stands alone.

    symdaddy, i was always too scared to jump in front of a flying ball in an effort to stop it. i value my parts more than the win.

    yeamie, i'll have to check your blog out and see if you've written a goal post of your own.

    paula, yes, it's really me. it was taken the second time i shaved it, when i was 25.

    jim, i like to think it's a good goal. it's my favorite one on the list, actually. piddle is my preferred method of leaking in others, but any type will do.

    george, maybe that's why i don't make serious goals, only ridiculous ones. they're safer.

    lizbeth, the good news is that the mental maiming doesn't usually show up right away. there are years to plan a good defense with an emphasis on denial.

    karen, you misunderstood my dislike of vanilla as a desire for chocolate. not so, my friend. actually, vanilla makes a fine base, but it needs the help of other stuff to keep it from being boring and forgetable. and i'm trying not to think about plus sized clothes. the cheese and i will just sit in the corner and bond and have our own little fat party.

    nay, having a goal of general self improvement is always a good thing. and it's good to be interesting to yourself. maybe it helps to make you interesting to other people too.

  18. Well. IF I DON'T TELL people my goals, then I haven't really committed..right??

    I have goals (shhhh, but I ain't telling)

  19. OH yeah..... I am a goalie. However, I am also procrastinator too. They don't always work hand in hand. *grumble, grumble*

  20. Regarding #6, Kiddo used to ask for wings every Christmas and birthday for years. She wanted to fly.
    I used to think about shaving my head, but never did it.

  21. Right now, my goals are to complete the 30-Day Shred (on day 5), not pee while I'm doing jumping jacks, and not think about killing Jillian Michaels, and not eat all the cookie dough I made, and to buy more loose shirts. lol! Yours were pretty good. I'll adopt those, too. :)

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