Wednesday, December 28, 2011

spirit week at the office

we were just watching a show where there was an office scene. in the background was a woman holding a teapot and wearing a belly shirt. chris shook his head and said, "she's the one who ruined casual friday for everyone."

that sent my brain off onto a rabbit trail where i was thinking about myself working in an office. it's been a very long time since such a thing was true, but if it were, i'd like casual friday. in fact, i'd love it if each day had a theme.

wouldn't it be fun if every week was like spirit week in school? mondays would become monster monday. we'd wear things of a monstery nature or maybe just a giant eyeball and a green suit and go for a mike wazowski look.

i'm thinking we go for hootchie tuesday which will allow the women to indulge their urge to dress like a skank on a day other than just halloween. or for those who are more conservative, maybe just some subtle fishnets and hooker pumps. for the mens, maybe they could unbutton their shirts a bit and splash on too much cologne, like they're headed for a club.

wednesday definitely needs to have a wig theme. it doesn't matter if it's something long and platinum that looks like it came straight from dolly parton's dressing room or if you want to go to with a rainbow affro. this would be a great opportunity for men with male pattern balding to test drive that toupee that they bought but haven't yet had the balls to wear in public.

we'll have throw-back thursday which leaves plenty of room for interpretation. anything retro will do. maybe this is the chance to raid your dad's closet and repeat some of the outfits you tried out in highschool. or maybe you've got some leg warmers you're just itching to wear. guys, if you still fit that miami vice pastel jacket with the rolled up sleeves, i suggest you break it out and take it for a spin. i'm sure the ladies will love it.

casual friday sounds mighty boring after that lively line up, doesn't it? so i think we should change it to furry friday. there are a lot of people out there with the urge to wear fur and this will be exactly the chance they've been looking for. be subtle with just a tail and ears or go whole hog with that mascot suit you've been storing in your attic since college.

it just about makes me wish i could go back to work again. i've got a great little wig i've been dying to wear again.


  1. I think some people at my work are celebrating hootchie Tuesday already. And I work at an insurance company! Here's a tip for those not working at a bar or Hooters: if I can see your Spanx, your skirt is too short!!

  2. And of course, I'm completely on board with hoochie Tuesday...I gotta get some self-respect...although I will admit, I do kind of dig the idea of putting on an animal fur.

  3. I'd never heard of Hoochie Tuesday in all honestly until I read this but I'd be so in for it especially since as a guy I mightn't have to put in too much effort haha!

  4. You mean we're NOT supposed to dress like it's Throw-Back Thursday everyday?
    Uh, oh.

  5. Could you imagine how horrified the older generation would be? When they dressed to the nines to go to the grocery store? And being caught with curlers was like death?

  6. but Sherilin, every day here in MOM LAND is freaking CASUAL FRIDAY. The real fun was wearing shoes that were a bit uncomfortable, and having a whole wardrobe of SKIRTS! Ah skirts...I don't think I've worn a skirt since August 2010.

  7. but...I could use that Monsters Inc. shirt...


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