Saturday, April 21, 2012

thumper jr

it's been a good weekend for me. facebook's been treating me right; i found two old friends and an ex-boyfriend (who i wrote about in the beers and tears post last year) and it's bringing back so many happy old memories.

my friend TJ showed up in my life in high school. he arrived in our church youth group with a bang and i've been hooked on him ever since. there are certain people who, when you meet them, you wonder where they've been all your life. he's one of those friends. even when i moved right before my senior year of high school, we kept in touch through letters and phone calls for a few more years. but we both moved too many times. addresses and phone numbers changed too many times. we got lost.

we used to stay up til all hours of the day or night talking on the phone until the phone cord was 15 feet longer than it should have been and when hung up, was lying limp on the ground like a sad, abused noodle. we'd giggle over the stupidest things ever and he'd sing to me. he had the most amusing southern accent which was pretty unusual in new york and he sang country songs.

i'd never had a friendship with a boy before that who i didn't conjure up some romantic feelings for at some point. i was ever in search of my next boyfriend, but tj was never that guy. he was the one who you'd run toward and yank him around a corner to show him where you'd ripped your pants wide open and then you'd laugh until you fell down and one or the other of you peed.

while talking on the phone this morning, i gave tj my blog address in hopes that he might visit me over here in my little corner of the internets. i was nervous and giddy to see what someone from my past might think to read my stories. and not only did he read me, he shared me on his facebook wall for his friends.  he's spent hours reading back through my old posts and i can't stop smiling when i think about it. it's kind of like having someone from your past meet your husband or child for the first time. what if they don't like each other?

tj my dear, i'm so glad i refound you. don't disappear again!


  1. How great that you've found TJ after all this time. It's strange hoe some people can come in and out of your life and after an absence of many years you can pick up as if the lapse in time hadn't occurred.

  2. I'm, glad to hear you've refound an old friend Sherry, that's seriously great to read about. It's always good to meet someone you haven't in a long time, here's hoping he sticks around in your life.

  3. Renewing old friendships is always wonderful.

  4. What a wonderful feeling to find someone from your past. There's a few people I've "re-met" and I'm so glad I did. There's the good power of Facebook, yes? Luckily, it's not just Facebook; I "re-met" a half-sister who lives in Florida. I got her phone number when the funeral home called after the death of our father (not nearly as sad as it should normally be-there's a family scar).
    There's still a few more out there about whom I wonder. I guess the problem is that I live in Pennsylvania and grew up in Connecticut.

    Now, just so you don't think I've lost my proclivity for "wiseassery":
    "...he shared me on his facebook wall for his friends."
    Oh, Sherilin, that just sounds dirty.
    And not a little hot.

    1. i don't mind being shared in certain capacities, but certainly not the way you're suggesting, you dirty bird!
      and i would never for a moment imagine that your wiseassery had dissipated, even if you did just leave a normal comment on a post.

  5. How nice that you were reunited on FB, and I love the name Thumper Jr. I just came over from Al's place where he mentioned that we both inspired him for his "T" post, so I thought it would be fun to meet you! Hope to see more of you! Julie

  6. that's a nice story Sherilin! I'm glad you've found each other again.


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