Wednesday, September 1, 2010

follow your heart

follow your heart - that might be the freakin stupidest line to ever become "good advice". unless i'm totally mistaken, i hear that line & think that it means you should do what you FEEL like doing. since when have our feelings ever been consistent about leading us toward the right things? toward good things?

i FEEL like eating a whole roll of cookie dough.
i FEEL like not going to work.
i FEEL like flipping stupid people off.
i FEEL like not doing school work w/ brooke.
i FEEL like buying myself pretty things beyond my budget.
i FEEL like not cooking dinner.
i FEEL like sleeping all the time.
i FEEL like hitting the neighbor's nasty bitey chihuahua w/ brooke's wagon when it runs over here & attempts to bite her.
i FEEL like spending all day on the internet.
i FEEL like not wearing a bra.

brooke FEELS like sneaking outside in the night to run like a nocturnal creature.
she FEELS like coloring mommy's face.
she FEELS like eating a whole box of italian ice push pops.
she FEELS like biting a hole through her shirt because she's mad.
she FEELS like eating her whole bottle of hannah montana gummy vitamins.
she FEELS like taking her little jeep & riding it to a friend's house when i won't drive her.

i think we can see what would become of the world if we all followed our hearts.

this post brought to you by illness & annoying emails.


  1. I have always thought this quote was wreckless.

  2. Sometimes I want to eat the entire bottle of gummy vitamins too.

  3. but carrie, if you did, then i'd have to call poison control about you too! and thank God vitamin makers don't put iron into vitamins anymore.

  4. hahaha oh wow so sorry you are sick with pneumonia but you are so funny I mean I couldn't agree more with all you just said ;)I pray you get over this illness soon!


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