Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i'm number 1 and 2 and 3 and...

i was looking at my stat tracker thing & it has a new feature on it showing where you rank on google for a particular phrase. imagine my surprise when i was scanning through the various searches people have typed into google leading to me when i found that i had a #1 ranking on there for the phrase "my abs look like shit." this makes me a little bit sad. not that it's untrue, cuz in all honesty, my abs do look like shit, but still, it hurts a little to see it in black in white for all of the googling world to see.

i also rank number 1 for "status: tell me how & where we met." ever since i put out that post where you guys were so awesome about coming up with crazy ways of how we met, i've gotten a lot of hits there. i also get gobs of hits & therefore the top spot for "games for when you are sick" because i wrote something about how i was keeping brooke amused when i was super sick with pneumonia and ear & sinus infections last fall.
and i come in numero uno for "what are the only kind of bees in the world that make milk." and also for the phrase "boob arm rest." i kind of like that i've got the market on the boob arm rest, cuz that's funny.

i come in number 2 for "hair bonanza" and "obsessed with mole hair." those 2 i understand, but then i get hit with another meanie one - "do my abs look gross." again, i say yes, but let's not dwell on it, shall we?

i rank #3 for "dressing room pantyhose," "a personal fear," and "she makes me look like shit." oh and "bring it on wedgie."

there are so many more unflattering searches that bring people my way that i haven't even listed here. i've noticed that many of my posts that bring in a lot of google hits are posts that are poorly written or just plain dumb, much like this one i'm working on right now. i kept getting so many hits from "cat pee" that i finally deleted the post where i'd written about it.

what brings people to your blog? are any of the search terms particularly funny or disturbing?


  1. Yikes. :-) I can't help but wonder what my search terms look like!


  2. I haven't checked mine lately.
    I had gotten several for big rubber boots which was in a post about when my garden flooded last year.

  3. I need to check mine, but I know it will be crazy because of the titles for my posts.

  4. Ha! I don't often come up through Google searches, but someone found me the other day when they looked up "gymnasts sweating." (I didn't find my blog when I did that search...?)

  5. Alcohol consumption and/or a perverts mind.

    Blogger keeps telling me I'm anonymous today, but I'm sure I'm Eva at Wrestling With Retirement.

  6. well damn, now I'm going to have to check it out! Aw, your abs and my abs can have a party with many cocktails, and forget their sorrows, okay? xo

  7. Wow! What tracking thingy do you use?!? I never know who's stalking me...

  8. I need to figure out how to check this! I can't imagine what brings people to my blog. Don't worry, you're not alone on the ab thing...darn kids!

  9. if you go to you can set up a free account or pay a few dollars a month for a few extra options & a bigger database. or you can use blogger's stat option to see some of the things people have searched & found you.

  10. That is too funny, I need to try that! The pantyhose one cracks me up whenever I think about it!


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