Sunday, June 13, 2010

12 years down, 60 to go!

today is our 12th wedding anniversary. i think it's pretty cool that chris is the only long term relationship i ever had; before him, my record romance lasted 11 months, so this whole business of being committed to someone for 13 years now still seems pretty amazing at times.

yesterday we dropped brooke off at a friend's house & headed to red lobster. for the first 10 years we were married i didn't eat meat of any kind (for health reasons, not for tree-hugger reasons) so that wasn't an option, but in the past 2 years i've added a little bit of fish into my diet (although not quite as much as her), so it's nice for us to be able to expand our restaurant repertoire & go to a seafood place occasionally. on the way there chris mentioned that he would love to go sailing down the east coast for a dream vacation some day, so in case we're ever on a game show & i get asked about his dream vaca, i should file that factoid away.

i started thinking about how kids always ask & get asked about their favorite things. what's your favorite color? food? school subject? friend? toy? sport? and i realized that grown-ups don't generally do that. i decided that it was time for a refresher course for chris & i, so through our dinner, we asked each other about all our favorite things. dream job. recreational activity. pastime. movie. color. dream.

it was kind of like being on an early stage date in a new relationship, but without any of the awkwardness or nerves. sometimes i'm so comfortable with chris that i don't hold anything back & just let it all hang out, good, bad or otherwise. there's not a lot of mystery between us at this point, and i'm ok with that, but sometimes i wonder if that makes me more sisterly than loverly. maybe i shouldn't ask him to puncture & squeeze that spider bite on my butt or if i have food in my teeth. is it possible to have both?

we had a wonderful night of eating, shopping & seeing a stupid movie. we have a hard time agreeing upon movies because our tastes are so different. he wanted to see "iron man" & i wanted to see "sex in the city" but we came together on "get him to the greek" which was funny but so stupid.

i'm so thankful for my awesome husband. he makes me feel happy and safe & comfortable. i would pick him all over again if i had it to go back & do again. so chris, i love you. happy anniversary! may we celebrate 60 more happy years together.


  1. I Love you too honey, with all my heart!

  2. Aw! He commented! So sweet. Congratulations!

  3. awwww i miss you guys!!! and am soooo glad you are as wonderful as you two are! =)


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