Saturday, June 26, 2010

i just feel like writing

sometimes i hesitate to write something here because it wouldn't be appropriate for the whole world to see (not that i think the whole world reads me, but they do have that option should they choose to use it) or because i don't want my mom and dad to read it (since they're about my most faithful readers) or because i feel like it's boring & might chase people off. but this is my online outlet & if people don't want to read it, that's okay with me. i like putting things here that are funny, not just so that people will laugh, but because i love to tell a good story and it's cool to be able to take something that's only vaguely amusing & turn it into something that can get a real laugh. i love to read the blogs of funny people, but i almost feel sorry for them  once they fall into the rut of being a consistently funny writer. if people tune in for a read & don't get their anticipated laughs, they feel let down. i don't have enough funny in me to keep the hilarity going every time i write. there are days when i can't find the funny anywhere at all. sometimes i really want to complain or whine about things, but no one wants to read it & it generally doesn't make me feel better afterwards anyway.

so here's my stuff that i feel like writing about today -

we went to a birthday party at chuckie jesus today & brooke loves to ride the simulated roller coaster thing there. she told me, "i like to leave my seat belt off & put my feet up on the handle bar & play the air guitar when i ride this thing - it makes it more extreme!"  and she is absolutely right. i wish i'd thought of that!

yesterday i had to do my monthly cleaning of an office downtown & there was no air conditioning, so the thermostat said it was 90 degrees the whole time i was in there. i was a big blob of sweat & determination for the hour & a half that i spent cleaning. but i felt kind of proud of myself for staying & doing the job even though i'd been offered the chance to skip it by the office manager. my parents taught me a strong sense of commitment even when we seriously didn't feel like it & most other people wouldn't have bothered. thanks, mom & dad.

after cleaning the hot, stinky office, i came home & after a brief couch flop, a fat, nasty storm kicked up. i scrambled around to get the electronics shut down & unplugged (we've had two computers struck by lightning at this house even though they were on power strips. maybe it's because we're on a hill.) and then i realized that the kittens were getting totally drenched from the rain blowing through the windows into their little house. so i threw on a raincoat & ran outside to close the windows & put a cat carrier in there which i tossed them into to give them a little more protection while they screamed & cried & scratched up my arms. when the torrential downpour stopped i went back out to check on them & found that some crap scraps had washed into the middle of the house from somewhere & then gotten squished by the pitiful kitten feet & i felt compelled to lean into the house & scrub the poop soup off the concrete as best i could to get rid of some of the flies & horrible stink.

today we sent the first of our babies to her new home. her name changed from hector to tesla and brooke cried when she left. she's with a family who we know a little bit & i'm sure she'll have a good life there, but tonight, i suddenly felt all weepy & sentimental about the first of my babies being off with a new family in new surroundings. i'm not sorry she's gone, but still... i hope she makes a good chicken kitten & earns her keep.

and there you have it.


  1. I woke up ridiculously early, and had to run straight outside to check on Tesla. I had this crazy fear that she'd wondered off, or something bigger got a hold of her. When she heard the door open she came running over and walked all over my feet, purring.

    This whole scene was extremely unusual for me, I think I'm already getting attached, she has some weird power of cuteness, I just have to love on her.

  2. Anytime you start a blog with a disclaimer about being "appropriate," I get extra excited about what I'm about to read. Your blog makes me laugh more than anyone. Kudos to you for sticking it out in that office. Think of the zillions of calories that you must have burned in there! An added bonus!

  3. ladonna, i'm so glad you're getting unexpectedly hooked on that sweet girl. hard not to like something as little & fluffy & cute as her.
    and carrie, i hate it if you were disappointed in how there wasn't really any inappropriateness in here afterall. and thanks for the sweat props. i hadn't thought of that lil bonus.


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