Thursday, June 3, 2010

capital disclaimer

i'm at a place in my life where i feel free to express myself in certain ways, even if other people don't approve. and one of those ways is that i have made a conscious decision to not capitalize anything other than "God" when i'm typing. i feel like it's disrespectful not to capitalize his name, just like i won't take it in vain. other than that, all words are fair game for being un-capitalized.

i was home schooled from the age of 9 through graduation by my well educated mother & father. they thought that writing & grammar & vocabulary & spelling were very important & it was imperative to them that my siblings & i all learn to speak & write correctly as it was a direct reflection on them. when i was in school, i followed their standards, but once i was grown, i felt that it would be acceptable to choose my own style of writing & that didn't include capitals. i still attempt to spell correctly & use good grammar most of the time, although i do drop that on occasion as well, such as when i helped brooke create a blog name. i know that i spelled wondrous wrong. it was intentional. i had just written a blog post about her called "girl of wonder" and she wanted it to be called brooke's wonderous world, so it seemed right to me to spell it that way.

when i'm schooling brooke and we're doing handwritten work, i make her use capitals appropriately so that she'll know the rules, but when she types, it's tough enough to find the letters and to spell words correctly, so i don't make her bother with capitalizing. i mean, why should she when i don't? so yes, i do know the rules and i do teach those rules to my offspring. i'm usually don't consider myself to be an uneducated ignoramus and i hope that my daughter won't be one either.

just thought i'd put that out there in case anyone was wondering.

*this is an edited version of the original post, in case anyone read that one. i was a bit too snarky & rude the first time around.

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