Monday, June 14, 2010

list of randomosity

sometimes i get this urge to write, but it's completely undirected. like i want to sit down & put something funny or deep into this box, but think though i do, i've got nothing. i try scribbling notes to myself on paper to see if that sparks anything good & sends me into a previously unexplored direction. i tend to do some of my thinking/scribbling while sitting in the bathroom. i realized how much i apparently do this when i was hanging out in the bathroom last night & said, "hey brooke, will you bring me a paper & pen?" and she replied, "let me guess, you need to write down blog ideas." well she shouldn't make any judgments about me because she's spent the morning making art work with her spit.

a lot of my posts seem to be written in a rather list-y sort of way & that might be because of how i write my notes. or maybe it's because at heart, i'm a die-hard list maker. but in any case, i thought i'd share my notes w/ you & maybe eventually, the things that haven't been written about yet will come out. and maybe you might be able to help me out by making other random suggestions or aiming me at a particular topic.

  • jewelry = me nervous
  • easter cleavage
  • meeting the alabama fam
  • van potty
  • mammogram striptease
  • shart in car
  • bathroom chatting
  • rappelling cleavage
  • mole hair
  • I exist to make other feel more comfortable w/ their imperfections because my own are so apparent
  • cliver
  • charred crack
  • twinkie eat gerbil
  • swing kitchen by legs
  • silly chair - PEE!
  • scab reservoir
  • hammer pants onsie
  • peeled wallpaper
  • exchange kitten
  • "nice tits!"
  • first date @ 9
  • christmas presents returned
  • inside suitcase
  • bladder lies
  • Jesus footsteps
  • spicy bubble
  • vet heals zits
  • pot hole
  • computer abdomen
  • RAR shower curtain
  • knee weasle
so there's my list & one of these days, maybe i'll get around to working those things previously unaddressed into future posts.


  1. I just lost Two Pounds with the Mole Hair! LOL

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