Friday, September 24, 2010

booger buddies

today brooke & i were driving to see the legend of the guardians movie. on the way there, i kept rubbing my nose & sniffing & finally i said, "i've got a pointy booger that's driving me crazy & just won't move!"

brooke said very seriously, "have you tried plugging your other nostril & then blowing really hard? that can help it move downward so that then you can stick a tissue up & pick it out. but if you go straight to the picking first, you'll just push it up even further & then it'll really be stuck."

i followed her instructions & sure enough - relief.

i heard her chuckling & she said, "i'm still a serious nose picker & i just taught my mom how to successfully pick her nose!"

what would i do without her?


  1. You must be so proud! LOL
    No movies for us!
    Bed Bugs have been seen there!

  2. Good tip, as I often get boogers... LOL... See that you signed on as a follower today... Thanks so much... I am going to be back to check out your blog when I have a minute... But it looks like we have the same whacked sense of humour... which awesome!

    If you want me to feature your blog on my blog... make sure you leave me a comment on my Pay It Forward post, so that I will remember to include your blog...

    Cheers Little Booger Girl!

    I will be back!

    Tracy @ It's an Average Life

  3. seriously? what would you do? lol.. I LOVE it.
    Thanks for the smile.


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