Saturday, September 25, 2010

toilet stalker

my kitten has very bad manners. particularly when i'm in the bathroom. she loves water especially in the form of a flushing toilet & that seems to be the only thing my 2 cats can agree upon. the big one detests the little newbie all the time unless there's a toilet in action & then there's a minute long truce while they plunge their heads into the bowl, side by side in order to get the closest possible look at the swirling water. i sometimes get the urge to knock them in & then run, but so far i've managed to avoid doing it. however, there are times when i close the lid when the little one's still not out of the way & she just stays there, stuffed halfway into the toilet & .... well, i don't know exactly what she's doing in there, but she'll just hang out for a couple minutes & when i go back in next time, there's water splashed all about & the seat's wet.

if i remember to close the door, she pushes her little feet under the crack & squeaks at me. if i don't remember to close it, she sits on the back of the toilet like a vulture, looking down and making me very uncomfortable. she'll even attempt to sit on the back of the seat w/ me if i don't lean back & that's simply unacceptable. earlier today i was in there & movement caught my eye, making my look down & there she was, lying on her back on the floor, looking up at me between my thighs. RUDE!

nim also likes to hang out in the trash can in the bathroom. she hardly even fits, but that doesn't stop her from getting in.

someone needs to teach this naughty kitten some manners, but i guess since her mama was a young welfare kitty herself, she probably wouldn't have been inclined to teach proper bathroom etiquette.


  1. Classic!! Gotta love "toilet sharing" oh dear... :)

  2. lol.. our cats used to be the same way.

  3. LOL! My cats hang out in the bathtub!

  4. I still recognize your laugh after almost ten funny!


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