Thursday, September 2, 2010

ketchup & rice

tomorrow i'm going out of town to visit my parents & sisters. since i currently don't have a working vehicle, i can't just pack myself & brooke up & go like i always have in the past. so it's a pretty big deal that my mom is willing to drive 6 hrs here & back just so we can visit them & then my dad's going to do the round trip next week to return us. i'm touched that anyone would want us around enough to make that drive. i'm not willing to say no to a trip beyond these four little walls, no matter what.

it's been mentioned several times (not by my parents) that maybe we shouldn't go since i've still got a raging case of pneumonia. but in my head, that's all the more reason to go! when i'm there, i won't be the main person in charge of brooke. there will be other adults who can entertain & amuse & supervise & feed her. she's been really good about finding ways to keep herself busy these last few boring weeks, but i'm starting to feel sorry for her. she's spending days on end at home with only her imagination, kitten & tv to keep herself occupied.

yesterday she made some way too long videos that she wanted to put on youtube & then her blog about a story she'd been playing for hours that day. she drew faces on all my spice bottles & then drew a face on a pair of toaster tongs & named it the tongodile. then they had the adventures of paprika, including climbing up onto my disgusting self while i was coma-ing on the couch. nothing like putting your filthy shame onto the internet.

i think if nothing else, it'll be good for us to get to a healthy house because brooke needs to be able to eat better again. yesterday she made her own dinner - 2 bananas, one of which was heaped w/ red pepper hummus & baby carrots. today she had raisins & rice cakes for lunch & italian ice & cheese for dinner. i'm starting to have visions of myself on the news being taken away in handcuffs while the neatly coiffed news anchor tells the viewers that my child has been surviving on nothing more than ketchup & dry rice for the past few weeks.

mommy, take me away!


  1. Nancy Grace! She is my worst fear! I do hope you get to feeling better soon. Have a safe trip!

  2. The video is too cute! She's creative!

    I kept reading until I got to Super Poop and had to link to it from my blog! My husband and I were cracking up!

    I hope you feel better soon. Moms usually make everything better :)

  3. thanks, burka! she continually amazes me w/ the wacky things she creates. she says her brain is a wonderland & i must be bored to have my plain ole brain.

  4. I'm bummed that you're still sick. We'll get together next time you are here! I can't wait to see you. :)


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