Thursday, September 30, 2010

one lovely blog award

today i got my first blog award from another blogger who i recently discovered. i've seen this award floating around on other people's pages from time to time & i've got to be honest, i've kind of had the impression that this whole awards & linking business was sort of a club between bloggy buddies & i've sniffed at it as if it had nothing to do with me. but then, like in school where one day you're invisible & the next day a cool kid asks you to sit at their lunch table, maybe it seems more important than it did before. or maybe it's just nice to be included in the silliness that is blogging awards.

so with no further blabbering, thank you, tracy aka: average girl at it's an average life for this first time award. i didn't prepare a speech...

in order to accept this lovely award, i'm encouraged to

1. credit & link to the person who gave it to me - that would be tracy. thanks for thinking of me. i've already gotten a new follower today thanks to you!

2. pass the award on to some other new blogs.

3. let the recipients know that i gave it to them.

i've chosen people who i don't think have gotten any awards yet, but deserve them for putting in the time & effort to blog so that we can peer into their hearts & souls. so please feel free to visit & enjoy...

my good friend Jana at 4timesmorefun

my mom at throwoffeverythingthathinders

my former co-worker & friend carrie at shineovershadow

a lady i've recently been reading, louisa at lifeasweknowit

my  friend, melanie from elementary school, who takes awesome pictures at room118

my friend nekey who blogs about her homeschooling adventures at thehomeonahill

and last but not least, my daughter, brooke, who blogs about the adventures in her mind at brookeswonderousworld


  1. Thank you. Although I've never heard of this before, which is no surprise considering how out of touch I am with the internet world so much of the time, apparently there are benefits to being a recipient. Truth be told, if I were to get comments once in awhile from someone other than my faithfully commenting daughter, I would be more motivated to write. Not being a facebooker probably makes me invisible. Well, at least if there is no interest then there is also no pressure.

  2. Congrats! Going to check out all of these blogs!

  3. Wow! I got an award! It's funny b/c if anyone other than you would have given it to me, you are the first person I would have given it to. Haha... You're awesome, and your blog makes me's absolutely lovely!

  4. mom, i thought you'd be more likely to get some traffic if i sent people your way. so maybe this will help.
    missy, i almost gave you one, but i'm sure you've got tons already since you've been doing this so well for so long already.

  5. Thank you for thinking of me! :)

  6. Sooo cool! I just saw this! Thank you,
    I am honored. I'd first like to thank the
    academy...oh oops sorry, I thought that
    was this...LOL too cute you are Sherilin!!
    See, I didnt even know I had an award,
    I am so MIA! love it, thanks :)


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