Wednesday, October 27, 2010

she's crafty

when i think about myself, i think that i'm very un-domestic. i'm not entirely sure why that is since, according to google, "domesticity = affection for the home and its material comforts." i certainly like being home & i enjoy being comfortable while i'm here. maybe it's just that i don't really like cooking. i do it because i have to and because i like eating, but i have no love for the process the way many folks do. i like living in a clean house, but as we've discussed before, i'm not good at keeping my own house clean. i clean houses for a living & when i get home, i've got no interest in bothering with any more of that cleaning foolishness. i'm good at it though, i think. that's why i make the big bucks.

all right then, i'm not much of a cook & i live in a dirty house, but i'm crafty when it comes to come other things. like, last year in the month before christmas (sometimes known as november) i built a dollhouse for brooke from a kit that came with 9,287 pieces. it was all plain wood in itty bitty little morsels of nothingness. i had no idea when i committed to tackling this project just how incredibly massive it was, but, i got it done & now it's gorgeous, right down to the wall paper & curtains in each room.

i also started making parts of costumes for brooke. most especially, ears. i think i've made 7 pairs so far & brooke wears at least one of them pretty much every single day. at first i was buying supplies to make these things, but then i discovered that it's even more fun to find crap around the house that i can cut up or dismantle & use that to make the costumes. like, i used the waist band of some old black sweats to make brooke a raccoon mask. and i used a ripped up old mouse costume that was dug out of my parents' attic to make some lovely white ears. bits of felt, old pieces of pants that i cut & hemmed, an old outgrown skirt that had a cute pattern, anything's fair game & nothing is sacred.

my latest fun crafty thing is making clothes for stuffed animals. i would love to make doll clothes, but since brooke loathes dolls & i don't often play with them myself anymore, i've had to settle for making clothes for the stuffies in the family. it makes me think back to my childhood & my love for dressing up my cats. and not of the stuffed variety either. nothing was more fun than holding my cat down while i aggressively dressed him in a pretty dress & tied a bonnet tightly around his neck. i was always pleased when he would escape & take off out the front door to streak about the neighborhood because i thought he was showing off his new duds around the 'hood.

here are a couple of my little clothing pieces i've made in the past couple weeks.

i'm kind of partial to making mini skirts right now, but once i get good at them my next task will be to cut up a flag to make a star spangled bikini,

or maybe a dog bustier

or perhaps some butt-out pants.


  1. Oh man, this is fantastic. Is that your real cat?! He looks bewildered and pissed, all at the same time! Not really an easy look to pull off!

  2. that's hilarious. I remember dressing my cat up, too. and placing him in towers of stuffed animals, forcing my mom to play "where's waldo?" and try to figure out where he was.

  3. Those are all cute costumes.
    I would have NEVER been able to put that doll house together.
    I too am about the LEAST domestic thing going.

  4. carrie, that's not my real cat. he must have been too fast to get any photos of him in his pretty clothes. and of course, when i was a child, i didn't have my own digital camera with which to photograph every stupid thing i saw.

    jess, did your cat stay in the pile? i'm surprised my daughter hasn't thought of that yet. our cats get really mad & frantic when we dress them.

    wendy, i'm pretty darn un-domestic too in some ways, but i guess i have my martha stewarty moments. the dollhouse took many days & some friendly assistance to get it done. thank mom for such a big table to work on!

  5. The Doll House is Beautiful!
    Over 9,000 pieces?
    I would be in AA! LOL

  6. Love the cat costume! I'm your newest follower.

  7. I love these! I've wanted to do a dollhouse for a long time, but yours is a little more ambitious than I was thinking about!

  8. I love the animal costumes! So funny! As for the dollhouse, you did a magnificent job. Believe it or not, I bought that kit about a million years ago at a midnight madness sale before Christmas. Once I opened the box and saw the kajillion pieces, I carefully sealed it back up and still have it down in my basement. Maybe some day. I take my hat off to you.


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