Monday, October 25, 2010

hello & welcome

today was pretty exciting for me because, for the first time, i got reviewed. tracy over at it's an average life wrote a little review of my blog & posted it to possibly direct some of her readers to my page. and she was so nice with the deliciously exaggerated things she said about my writing that i was all a-giggle for a bit this afternoon. each time since then that i've gotten a comment from a new reader it makes me all glowy & fresh again.

so for those of you who are new in my realm, here's a quick synopsis; i started writing this in january when things in my family life were at a really low point, but it quickly evolved into something that i use to cheer myself up. i have a wacky 8 yr old daughter who i can't resist writing about frequently & i'd forgotten how much i love being laughed at. i know, most people prefer to be laughed with, but i'm perfectly happy to show you my flaws & failings & let you laugh at them right alongside me.

i've put together a list of my favorite posts from the past 9 months, so if you've got a bit of time & you're interested, feel free to visit them. perhaps you'll be able to join me in laughing at myself & the funny things in life.

first we have the hair bonanza series that you can see linked on the right side of my blog.

how many ways can i expose myself (in a non-pornographic way)? oh, lots & lots of them as you can read in my self exposure trilogy.
exposing myself 1

self exposure, round 2

self exposure, the childhood years

then we have some of my favorite parenting tales.
the van potty

what to call THAT region

i give you permission

where do babies come from?

a few random things...
secretly i wish i could

i fed my kid my life

pms roller coaster

mother nature is a bitch

where did my sexy go?

art therapy   there's a second art therapy in the next post down if you'd care to see more of how we cheer ourselves up around here.

thanks to any of you who've come by for a visit. i hope to see you back here again soon! =)


  1. WoW! How Cool! I love your blog!

  2. awww....... you didn't have to do that darlin.. but thank you!


  3. Came by from Tracy's. It's late but promise to come back tomorrow. I want to see your kitchen lol
    Love Claudie

  4. Oh my gawd Sherilin... that kitchen made me giggle and giggle... You are such a funny girl!

  5. Well, congrats on the pay it forward shout-out!!


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