Wednesday, October 13, 2010


so i just found this website called wordle where you can put in your blog address & it looks at the current main page of your blog & creates a word collage showing all the words you use most often with the size of the words indicating their frequency.  let me share this little gem with you so that you can hopefully join me in my amusement.

if you click the picture, it'll enlarge so that you can get a better look at it, if you want.
i had no control over the placement of the words, just the font & colors, so i was pretty amused to see how some of the words were grouped together.

at the top left we have "come home." ok, that's kind of nice, rather like if you have word magnets on your fridge & someone wrote a lonely little note.

below that & a little to the right we've got "just one babies." hm... seems rather appropriate for my family.

and below that we find "husband" surrounded by "pigs" and "weasel." honey, this is not what i think of you, i promise!

randomly scattered throughout i found, "ask jesus", "knew years" "monster woman" and "dirty couple gross" "thought weasel"

on the top right i like to read my words in a backwards & roundabout order & then i get "mommy need space." so true, so true!

in the middle/right area i find that i have "mating little people." oh my! and right there on my blog!

and then there's the word "vaginas" which is conveniently surrounded by "good, old, black, mating, splashing, and finding."

it's the little things in life that entertain me.


  1. I love Wordle. I just made a sheet with my DH's favorite things, printed it, and framed it! It is fun!

  2. haha, I did it trying to post the image to my blog site as well... it looks like a tree of's rather nice actually thanks sherilin :) and yeah yours made me snicker in places :)

  3. okay.. mines not nearly as interesting as yours! But that was fun. :)

  4. I put my blog in and the results were great! Too bad I don't have a printer so I could save it and study it a little more. I enjoyed yours, but especially the phrases you found!

  5. how fun is that?! I want to try this!


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