Tuesday, November 9, 2010

laundry fairy

i'm going through my mental list of all the things that need to be done between now & friday morning when we head for the airport -
print out directions to the airport
febreeze the suitcases
check the weather forecast
dig out cold weather clothing & make sure it fits
do the laundry...

and that's where i land and stick. right smack on the laundry. in order to wash the clothes, i need to FIND the clothes & i realize that none of brooke's favorite clothes are in her basket. they're not lying around her room in plain view either. i know she's going to be one ticked off camper if her favorites (meaning clothing in natural animal colors because she can't stand to dress like a girl, but only wants to dress like an animal almost every day) don't make it to new mexico with us. i started digging around in various hidey holes around her room - here's a brown shirt under her top bunk. there's a pair of gray leggings on a shelf under a table. there's a pair of gray camo shorts with real fox tail still attached under an upside down rubbermaid tub. when i got to the dress up box i hit the mother load. there were articles of clothing in there that went missing many months ago and here they were, covered with stains & probably outgrown by now. i plundered through there & dug out many valuable items of booty.

i was feeling vaguely irritated that i had to go looking for her clothes (i'd make her do it herself or too bad for her, but she's out of the house with daddy so that i can have some quiet time to get things done around here) until i started hauling the baskets toward the laundry room. that's when i realized that most of my bras & socks were missing. and my pajamas. i had to go on a hunt to find the places where i'd shucked my bras off when i declared myself to be "boobies free!" then i had to dig around in the vicinity of the couch because i have chronically cold feet, but then periodically my feet become suddenly claustrophobic & must be ripped out of my socks in a rapid & frequently spastic fashion. i even found a pair of socks stuffed into my purse from when i was out wearing my new furry boots & had to peel my socks off right in target or i would have spontaneously combusted, feet first. i found my jammies in the bathroom & also stuffed into a corner beside my bed & another article of sleepwear draped over a kitchen chair.

and that's when i realized that maybe it's not just brooke who needs to be reprimanded by the laundry fairy. she's shaking her judgemental stick at me too.


  1. lol I was wondering as soon as you said in the couch... then I knew where she gets it from! Hope your trip is fun! send me your address, I have a fox fur (real even with the bullet hole still in it) somewhere in my basement if she wants it. I dont want to freak her out so if she doesnt want it is cool lol

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Yup, I have found my socks and my bra in my purse.... Are you going on a trip for awhile.. .have I missed that post about you going somewhere... well I hope missy you have a fantabulous time whether it be in a bra or a boobie free zone! :)

  3. Lost: one bra, a multitude of socks, dresscode clothes, dress pants for work.....hmmmm maybe I should do this laundry thing too...lol

  4. My feet have the exact same problem!

  5. If you find the laundry fairy, could you please send her to my house. She's been seriously slacking off and needs to get busy. We're running out of clothes!

  6. You sound like my twin! I have boobie free zones all over the house- just like "key" zones and "sunglasses" zones... I love it when I'm frantically looking for my bra and will ask my sons to help they they go ...AHa...I found your "boobie holder" mom!

    Thanks for making me feel normal.



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