Sunday, November 21, 2010

new mexico trip

we spent a week out in the high desert of santa fe, new mexico, and brooke flew like a champ! we breezed through security the first time with no hitches & the second time only lost a tube of kids toothpaste (you know how bombers love to use kids crest to blow stuff up). brooke insisted that she needed to wear the coyote ears that i made for her & she mostly enjoyed the comments from strangers, but was slightly pissed off when they asked her if she was a reindeer or a cat or a horse or some other foolish animal. funny how personally she takes it when someone guesses wrong.

as we boarded the first plane, she told the flight attendant that it was her first time flying & that earned her a trip straight into the cockpit where she got to sit in the pilot's seat & have a little photo shoot with the pilot & co-pilot. it cracked me up as i peered around the doorway to see her posing with her new found buddies like she's a flying pro & does this every day.

we had a hard time putting our cameras down for most of the whole week we were gone & came home with tons of great pics that i won't force you to endure. what's that? you want to see them? ok, you talked me into it, so maybe i'll just share a few.

my friend, cristi, who we stayed with has a huge great dane named moses & brooke spent a large portion of her trip caressing him. she was mesmerized by his sheer magnitude and his mouth. she loves dog jowls & teeth & likes to poke into there for a peek at the goods whenever a dog will allow it. i think mo had more attention lavished on him over the 5 days we were there than he even knew what to do with.

it was great to stay up late & talk to one of my childhood friends. we hadn't seen each other in 5 years, but we jumped right back in like no time had passed at all. it just took some time to catch each other up on all the things that we've missed. the good, the bad & the ugly.

brooke & i took ourselves out for a walk in the freezing, windy, beautiful air a couple times while cristi was working and one of those times i managed to get us just a smidge lost. we actually walked straight across the road where we were supposed to turn & kept right on trekking along until brooke started crying that we were lost & would never get back. we sat down on the sidewalk for a few minutes to recover and then kept going - in the wrong direction. my cell phone had died while we were out because i was chatting up my mom while my service was roaming. oops. but eventually we found our way back & didn't get eaten by any of the wildlife that roams freely in that area. and we got some great pictures while we were on our never-ending walk, so it was worth it!

i also wanted to tell you guys that i missed you. i feel like i left my blogging buddies behind while i was away & i'm trying to get caught up on all the happenings in the blogosphere.


  1. We missed you too!!! I love that picture of Brooke & Moses nose to nose.. so priceless!

    Welcome back sugar plum!


  2. Enjoyed your pictures! That is one BIG dog, and Brooke looks so tiny next to it!
    Love the name of your blog!

  3. The last picture is my favorite. And I've been sooooo lonely without you! There haven't been any funny comments on facebook at all!!

  4. tracy, you have such a way of making people feel good. whenever i see one of your comments on anyone's blog, i know you're making their day with whatever you're saying.

    sandra, welcome & thank you!

    carrie, i almost didn't include that last pic. we were lying out on the sidewalk in the freezing weather & i was afraid a neighbor would see us & think we were dead or wounded or possibly just crazy while we giggled & waited for that camera timer to click.
    and i'll try to be funny for you on facebook. i aim to please.

  5. So glad you are back!
    What an awesome trip and the photos are priceless!

  6. I love great danes. I don't think I could own one because of their size but they are very lovable. Great pictures!


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