Monday, November 22, 2010

this will make you feel better about yourself

ever since i was a kid, i've had a tendency to take some seriously hideous pictures. my brother seemed to have a knack for catching my face in it's worst possible shape whenever he took a picture of me & the trend continues. it makes me wonder if i spend a lot of my time with my face screwed up into grotesque shapes in order for it be captured on film so very many times. i try to delete the ugliest of the ugly before they get loaded onto the computer, but sometimes, they sneak through like little wastards.

and since i'm not too proud to put my shame out there into bloggy land, here are few of the gems that i currently have in my photo repertoire. just gaze upon these & feel better about yourself.
i love a good cat butt in my face

rodent mouth?

why yes, that's a kitten in my pocket. and no, i have no eyebrows.

there are no words...

i'm blending into the corn stalks!

taking pictures in the bathroom is always advisable.

wow. looks like i spent a long night drinking. it's an illusion.

brooke did my makeup so i'd look like a rockstar. the attitude was all me though. rock on, dudes!


you're welcome.


  1. You are one crazy gal....and I love it. I love people who can laugh at themselves.
    Me and my kids love to get together and make UGLY faces. We have lots hanging around.

    Thanks for your kind words regarding the loss of my son. I very much appreciate you and all the people who have been so caring.

  2. HeHe You are braver than I am. Funny pics!

    I absolutely hate pictures of myself. Most of them have me flipping off the photographer...

  3. OH Sherilin. There were only two pics out of all those that I think are "bad" pictures of you, ie; not representative of how pretty you are. The rest were fine because you were making funny faces.

  4. That last picture of you! How does that even happen?!? OH man. That is NOT what you really look like.


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