Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thanksgiving men of genius

we celebrate our thanksgiving the day before the official holiday every year because due to the retail world of wonder that is chris' life, he always has to work on thanksgiving. that means that today was the big day for us, just the three of us, and i think for the first time, i did every scrap of cooking myself.  i'm a vegetarian, so in the past i've skipped cooking the turkey legs for chris that he likes & he did them himself. i've also neglected to make the pumpkin pie since i don't like it & won't eat it. but i've realized that maybe it's a wee bit selfish of me to only cook the foods that i like, so today i did it all, including turkey & pies (on a little side note, i'm kinda proud that i didn't even use the microwave at all for the whole meal except as a timer or storage receptical. i felt so old fashioned!). he did all the grocery shopping (which included 4 trips to the store, 2 of which were done today) and the clean up which was wonderfully helpful to me.

i've had a thought about thanksgiving - you know how you always see people on tv & in movies dressing up for the big meal? do any of you do that? because i'm thinking we should veer in the opposite direction. i think we should declare thanksgiving to be "pajama day" and everyone just stays in their jammies all day. that way, everyone's comfortable (unless aunt martha wears her 30 yr old honeymoon nightie), it doesn't matter if we spill on ourselves while cooking or eating. we'd be all set for our post-gobbling nap, and best of all, ELASTIC WAISTBANDS!

last thanksgiving i was at my parents' house for the big meal & was affectionately greeted by their st bernard, anna, who proceeded to rub her face all over my shirt when i sat down. so i ate dinner with slimy streaks of what looked like slug trails & boogers all over my chest. pajamas would have made it all just a little more tolerable.

i'm guessing a lot of you have heard the budweiser commercials where they salute "real men of genius" with very amusing lyrics & not particularly good song quality. those commercials never fail to make me giggle when they come on & i was delighted to discover today that some of them were made into tv commercials too, available for our viewing pleasure & not just our auditory pleasure. and now i'll share a couple of them with you.

on this thanksgiving, i'd like to thank budweiser for their real men of genius series.


  1. I LOVE your Ideas of Pajamas!!!
    Today has kicked my butt!
    Hope you had a Great Day!

  2. Love the real men of genius.
    Why not be comfy? IN my house we have all been known to not get dressed if we aren't going anywhere.

  3. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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