Thursday, November 11, 2010

worry wart

tomorrow we leave & brooke's starting to get nervous. she's worried about going through security & having to put her stuffed animals & backpack through the scanner & walk through the archway without them. i'm just glad i thought to tell her about it ahead of time so that i could walk her through the process ahead of time. she can usually deal with stuff that's new as long as she knows what to expect. she's planning to put a tiny stuffed animal into her pocket so that she can feel its fur in her hand while walking through the metal detector. here's hoping neither of us sets off any alarms & has to get wanded or they might have a loudly freaking out kid on their hands!

takeoff is troubling her too, but we've been practicing in the kitchen. i've been setting up chairs together & walking her through the steps, including me tipping her chair back slightly & jiggling it just a smidge to imitate what it'll feel like.

we're praying for calmness & humor everywhere we look. oh yeah, and no terrorists please.

i'll be really glad when this first part of the trip is over so that we can both stop fretting and get to the fun part!
now if i can just remember to pack the dramamine & a pack of gum...


  1. Airport security freaks me out, too. I always end up getting frisked, and it's always by a girl. Is it weird if I request a guy? A hot one? I'll stick extra metal in my pockets just for the chance.

  2. You guys will do fine. It may actually help if one of you starts acting annoying, they usually let those go thru faster...
    Just remember you can't say "bomb" on an airplane. "Bomb b-bomb bomb b-bomb bomb bomb" - Meet the Parents.

    CarrieAnn - really, extra metal...girls are so sneaky. ;)


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