Saturday, November 6, 2010

maybe a loin cloth...

we've developed some problems with pants around here. brooke's got my body type which means that she has short legs & tends to get thick around the middle. and from her daddy she was given the gift of a super long torso. for a while i thought she just had a long butt crack since it was always showing out of the back of her pants, but i think now that it's the whole torso that's long, not just the crack.

so almost all pants are too long. no problem, i can hem. sometimes the waist bands are oddly shaped - no big deal, i can add elastic which solves many problems. but lately, even the shortening & elastic aren't enough. every pair of non leggings (and even some leggings are guilty) either scratches her, squeezes her, gives her wedgies or causes some other form of pain & suffering. today, she went through 5 pairs of pants before we could leave the house. her bedroom floor was like a cemetery for pants. we went to a store & tried on 14 pairs of jeans & sweats to leave with only one pair that's hopefully going to work for more than a minute before causing the twitching & shrieking to begin again. we're about to take a trip to a place that's cold & this child needs to wear something warmer than leggings whether she likes it or not. it's a frustrating situation we find ourselves in here & it's annoying both of us.

after we got home from shopping, brooke went up to her room & came down a few minutes later with several drawings that she wanted to put on her blog showing how she feels about pants. please, click over to her page & have a look at things from her perspective.


  1. I am feeling the same way!
    There are not one pair of jeans in the world that fit me!!!

  2. poor thing, I can so totally relate. I hate trying to find jeans that look good and feel comfortable. I try on hundreds (well, seems like hundreds) to find a great pair of jeans.
    they are usually too low.....hip hugger things.
    at my age, I. DO. Not. want any form of butt crack showing and I don't wear a 'cute' thong to show off (even though I don't think that's a good look at all)
    and I don't want granny pants either.
    WHY can't someone just make a great pair of jeans.

  3. I can tell we were thinking about the same subject today. Very funny post.

  4. If it weren't so incredibly frustrating it would be hilarious. Maybe someday you both will be far enough removed from this issue that you can laugh with abandon about the rotten pants days. Until then, keep looking. The solution HAS to be out there in some form!

  5. i can see the humor, even if i don't enjoy the process. too bad she's not a dress wearer.


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